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  1. No, that won't copy the file over to the specific location that the forge loader is looking at. That'll copy the file over for the jaring process, which is a different directory under the 'build' parent directory. This fix is just so that you can see inside of the Minecraft mods screen the settings you put into mcmod.info, when running Minecraft from within the IDE. Without my fix, the information will still appear correctly from the Minecraft mods screen, when you run it from outside of the IDE, and had previously moved your built jar file into the 'mods' subdir under the '.minecraft' dir.
  2. Just a follow up to my post (to clarify, based on some comments made in the pull request), all this fix does is the following ... Copies mcmod.info into the $buildDir/classes/main directory, after the mod jar has been created. This allows the Minecraft Client launched from the IDE to see the file. Deletes the previously copied mcmod.info file in the $buildDir/classes/main directory, just before the jar file is created. This is done to avoid the 'duplicate files in a jar' exception. This fix does not modify the original mcmod.info file, in the $buildDir/resources/main directory in any way. This fix does not affect what is put in the completed mod jar file in any way. Its a simple copy of a single file, and a single deletion of the same previously copied single file, implemented via two Gradle tasks.
  3. I tried fixing this issue via a pull request, but it was denied, so figured I would at least make a post about the fix, so each of you could implement it locally. In a nutshell, if you follow these instructions, it tells you to create a mcmod.info file into the /resources folder. However, when you run the Minecraft client from within the IDE, it will not pick up any changes that you do to the mcmod.info file, as it doesn't see the file at all at runtime. If you modify your module's main build.gradle file, by adding the following lines to the end of the file (after the 'processResources' section), then you can run the client from within your IDE and it will see your changes to the mcmod.info file the next time you start the client up ... task deleteMcmodInfoFile(type: Delete) { doLast { // We need to delete the duplicate mcmod.info file, which is // created when the Gradle task 'copyMcmodInfoFile' (see below) // executes, for when we run the client from inside of the // IDE, before the jar file is created, or else Gradle will // throw a ZipException ('duplicate entry: mcmod.info'). // // delete "$buildDir/classes/main/mcmod.info" <-- DOES NOT WORK! file("$buildDir/classes/main/mcmod.info").delete() } } task copyMcmodInfoFile() { doLast { // Copy the in-memory/modified mcmod.info file (see above Gradle // task 'processResources') into the root folder that the // net.minecraftforge.fml.common.discovery.DirectoryDiscoverer // class will search in, when running the client from the IDE. copy { // A 'type: Copy' task will not run its 'doLast' block! from("$buildDir/resources/main") { include 'mcmod.info' } into "$buildDir/classes/main" } } } // Need to hook our before/after tasks up to the 'jar' task ... jar.dependsOn deleteMcmodInfoFile jar.finalizedBy copyMcmodInfoFile I've only tested this with IntelliJ, but I use the Gradle $buildDir variable value, so it should work with Eclipse as well. Happy New Year all!
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