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  1. this circled again and again. It seems like, it´s because of the absolute path in the .mtl-file if my model. what kind of path must be used there? I´m not sore, if the way, how it´s written in the json-files is compatible with .mtl...
  2. As i thested it, i got this error: and it was stuck in a circle of crashing and reloading. But i see nothing uppercase or other stuff after the folder "src"...
  3. In blender my model has the size of 1m x 1m x 1m is this one block in minecraft? if yes, then i have the right display-values now.
  4. if i make an item-class for the umbrella, what must i put into it to use an .obi-modelloader insted of the normal json stuff? And where in the ressource-folders must i place my obj-model and it´s textures? Now i have got the basic mod setup with 16 items for different colored umbrellas registered. And i have .obj-models and .png-textures for all 16 colors in the resource-folders. how do i now load the models into the items? And how can i control, how such an item looks in an inventory-slot, thrown on the ground, pinned in an item-frame and equipped in first and third person view?
  5. Hello i just cheated a pyramid-shaped umbrella in blender. I also fitted it´s uv-mat to a minecraft-like texture. Now i have the model as .blend and .obj-file and the texture as .png-file. How can i use this umbrella as an item in a minecraft-mod? Can i export it as .json? .
  6. bump I found out, that the SignEditorScreen also uses the SignTileEntityRenderer. So i made my own modifyed variant of this, too: How do i override theese two original classes with my own modifyed ones, wich i created? The SignTileEntityRenderer is registered in the TileEntityRendererDispatcher. How do i override this registry-entry? The SignEditorScreen is referenced in the ClientPlayerEntity. How do i override this reference?
  7. Now my KeyInputEvent looks like this: @SubscribeEvent private void keyPressed (KeyInputEvent event) { if(R_KEY.isPressed()) { GlazedTerracottaButtonPacketHandler.CHANNEL.sendToServer(new GlazedTerracottaButtonPacketHandler()); } } R_KEY is the name of my KeyBinding What must i put into the methods in your sample? And how do i make the pointed button-block react on this message? What must i call in here: context.get().enqueueWork(() -> { } ); to contact the block? Must i make a method in the block-class, that does something with the block and then call it in there? How do i make it only effect the block, i look at (crosshair on it, selection-box visible)?
  8. For the event now i have this. @SubscribeEvent private void keyPressed (KeyInputEvent event) { GlazedTerracottaButtonPacketHandler.CHANNEL.sendToServer(new GlazedTerracottaButtonPacketHandler()); } how do i spicify this for my keybinding? It only should send the packet, if i press my choosen key ,but not at one of the others from the normal game-controls (wich are also keybindings).
  9. Now i have another problem: the registerMessage line is only without errors, if the constructor of the class has a PacketBuffer as argument. But the sendToServer makes a new instance of the class with empty brackets. How do i match this?
  10. Must i call INSTANCE.sendToServer(new MyMessage()) in the net.minecraftforge.client.event.InputEvent.KeyInputEvent? And where do i place this event? And how exactly do i define the content of the packet?
  11. This is my PacketHandler class. But i still don´t know, how a working INSTANCE.registerMessage line looks like.
  12. Must i create an extra class for my packet? The instruction-page does not tell that.
  13. It also doesn´t show the call-line, filled with all the needed parameters... And for this, i don´t know, how to replace "MyMessage" public static void handle(MyMessage msg, Supplier<NetworkEvent.Context> ctx) { ctx.get().enqueueWork(() -> { // Work that needs to be threadsafe (most work) EntityPlayerMP sender = ctx.get().getSender(); // the client that sent this packet // do stuff } ); ctx.get().setPacketHandled(true); } EntityPlayerMP must be ServerPlayerEntity to have this line free from red underscored errors.
  14. In the forgedocs page about the simple channel packet system, it says register packet. But it does not tell, where i have to call INSTANCE.registerMessage. What is the right location for this?
  15. I´m not sure, how to find the InputEvent in my ide... Actualla most times i used call-hirachy or "find references" to find stuff. But i have nothing open, that has references to InputEvent. And i don´t know, where in the big file-system of the referenced library it is.
  16. I mean the line of code, that sends the data package from client to server.
  17. I do it understand better with samples. But i cannot find some about the inputEvent for 1.15 on the web... And i don´t know, where i should place the stuff about the package. In the block-class? In the main-class? some where else?
  18. Is sent via packet to server only needed, if it should be used in multiplayer, too? I created an instance for the keybinding and registered it in clientside. How do i now use it in my Block?
  19. Now i try to override the signs in a mod. I created a modifyed SignTileEntityRenderer (it includes the model as a subclass). And i registered it like this: private void clientRegistries(final FMLClientSetupEvent event) { ClientRegistry.bindTileEntityRenderer(TileEntityType.Builder.create(SignTileEntity::new, RecreatedSignsBlocks.ACACIA_SIGN.get(), RecreatedSignsBlocks.BIRCH_SIGN.get(), RecreatedSignsBlocks.DARK_OAK_SIGN.get(), RecreatedSignsBlocks.JUNGLE_SIGN.get(), RecreatedSignsBlocks.OAK_SIGN.get(), RecreatedSignsBlocks.SPRUCE_SIGN.get(), RecreatedSignsBlocks.ACACIA_WALL_SIGN.get(), RecreatedSignsBlocks.BIRCH_WALL_SIGN.get(), RecreatedSignsBlocks.DARK_OAK_WALL_SIGN.get(), RecreatedSignsBlocks.JUNGLE_WALL_SIGN.get(), RecreatedSignsBlocks.OAK_WALL_SIGN.get(), RecreatedSignsBlocks.SPRUCE_WALL_SIGN.get() ).build(null), SignTileEntityRenderer::new); } As theese where the original block-instances, i saw the old models in the game. So i overrided the blocks and items with deferred register. But now i see no sign models in the game and if i place a sign, no editor opens. i saw no references to the TileEntityRenderer in the Block- Item and Tileentity-classes for the sign. So i did not create copies of them jet.
  20. Hello i want to modify the model of the sign to display the wooden texture in the same size of common blocks: 16 pixels width, 8 pixels high (in the center of the texture) and 1 pixel thick, exact touching the wall of a solid block. Standing signs should be attached to a 2x2 pixels thick, 16 pixels high post (12 pixels below it´s top). how can i do this in a resource-pack? Or is this only possible in a mod?
  21. Hello I want to add more blockstates and models to a button (for redstone) out of glazed terracotta. Now i want to add a key control to change the model between ones with the same shape-orientation and and different texture-rotations, to match all possible rotations of the glazed terracotta-block. I think, i van add a custom blockstate and expand the json files. i also know the line for changing the blockstate for another model. But how do i code a key-control for the block? It should do the stuff above, if i aim at it and press a given key on the peyboard (for sample "R" for rotation)
  22. bump I still need help here Edit: maybe for the stairs i can make the texture rotation react on rightclick on the placed block. But how do i code this in the class for this block? And for the button: How can i make the targeted button block react to pressing a key on the keybord? Maybe using a letter, that is not already used in the actual game controls to switch between the models with the different rotated textures.
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