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  1. Nearly all imports, wich start with: say: Where are theese files now?
  2. i fount out, that i can fix my entity-model-classes by changing some import-paths
  3. [name] i mean the words it doesn´t know any more. And do you know a place, where i can find lots of 1.13.2 code examples?
  4. I now setup a workspace for the newest version (1.13.2). then i replaced the example-stuff in the src-folder there with the java files and resurces of my mod (i replaced the whole content of that folder). But now it shows more than 1000 java-errors in the console. Most of them are from the type "[name] cannot be resolved". In my previous 1.12.2 workspace i had no errors and could run a minecraft-instance and use my mod in there. Did i use a wrong way to get my stuff into a workspace for 1.13.2
  5. Im working in Eclipse IDE. I successfully finished my workspace setup. How do i open a Minecraft 1.13.2 instance to test my stuff? It still opens a 1.12.2 one for this.
  6. Hello I´m working on an Angry Birds-mod. One of the birds (the orange one) is very small, but has the ability to inflate him self like a balloon. For this one, i have 2 model-files. Is there any way, how i can script, that he inflates him self for a few secconds by getting damage (by changing his model and scale from 0,5 to 1 and back to 0,5)? I already managet to scale the very small birds down to 0.5 while spawning them
  7. gradlew [IDE name] What means [IDE name] ? must i insert something there ?
  8. Hallo as i watched the youtube-channel of "ExplodingTNT", i saw the players "Pink Sheep" and "Purple Shep", who managed to turn into sheeps with wired moustaches in Minecraft. So i wonder, how can i add an additional custom player-model into my mod? I want to switch between the common player-model and one of my Angry Birds-models by hitting a key on my keyboard. It should be still pussible to wear all pieces of armour, but chestplate, leggings and boots should be invisible, if worn. I made a specific model for this with Blockbench: For holding items, i added two invisible cubes (in separate folders) to the sides of the bird, because i want to recreate the effect from the Angry Birds toons, where the characters have things, they use, hovering near their sides (i like to call that telecinetic powers). And is it possible to enter other player´s server-worlds with this special appearence, that other players can see it too?
  9. Now i found a way to resize my entity. It´s the last part (public float prepareScale) of this Render-Class (that i wrote for one of theese small birds)
  10. it looks like your screen is whider than mine, or you managed to hide the right info-bar of the site. i ddon´t know, why theese icons don´t appear for me...
  11. Hello If i write a new post, i have toola for spoiler, link, quote, code and emoji in the seccond tool-set of the post-editor. But if i edit an existing post, spoiler and code are gone there... How can i add theese two things while editing an existing post?
  12. This is is the Entity-Class of my bird: And this is the Model-Class: Where can i scale down an entity? some of my birds should be smaller, but i cannot create souch a small model in Blockbench, because there will not be enough pixels left for a good face. And i´m wondering about this: this.setSize(0.875F, 0.6875F); Why there are just two vaules? a 3D-model has three dimensions: hight, width and length
  13. should it look like this for the egg-thing: @Override public void onLivingUpdate() { super.onLivingUpdate(); this.timeUntilNextEgg = 100; }
  14. Hello I created an entity (Red from the Angry Birds, and i´m going to make the rest of the flock, too). But i have some questions:: 1. Can i change the size of an entity by typing a number into the f5 here: That´s in the model-class, below the part for the shape of the model And if yes, wich number makes the model exact as half in size (i want to scale some birds (the smallest flock-members) down, because, if i create the model that small, it has not enough pixels left for a good face)? 2. My entitys extend the EntityChicken-Class. how can i stop them laying eggs?
  15. Hello If i thy to use phantom_membrane in a custom recipe, it says: and i cannot craft my stuff... If i browse for working recipes with that item, i see it in a tag, that looks exactly like mine. Why i get that error? Found the problem, it´s not added in 1.12.2, only exists in 1.13.2
  16. If i use a special json-editor, i get an error on the result-part of the recipe: extraneous input '"result"' expecting {'}', ','}
  17. As i copyed aw_wolfe´s stuff into my block-class, i get purple, black blocks instead of my model, if I placing it in my Minecraft-test-world. I don´t know, what exactly i have to replace with the lines, you show here as a better choice...
  18. Hello If i go on my profile and there on "show my activity" i get an infinite redirect error... Why this happens? How can i see a list, what i wrote on this forums?
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