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  1. Based on knowing for sure it was a ForgeGradle bug, I was able to binary-search for a working version. Changing the ForgeGrade version in the classpath dependencies at the top of the build.gradle file from '3.+' to '3.0.145' makes it work again, in 1.13.2 and 1.14.3 (and presumably 1.14.2). This is the last version that works, 3.0.146 is the Maven version that first includes the bug.
  2. I tried gradlew build --refresh-dependencies, it doesn't change anything. Remember, this happens even if the .gradle directory is completely deleted. It looks like this got broken with https://github.com/MinecraftForge/ForgeGradle/pull/617. It appears to already by fixed in https://github.com/MinecraftForge/ForgeGradle/pull/635, but that PR hasn't been merged yet.
  3. Good news, everybody! 1.14.2 and 1.14.3 fail in the same way! Something has to have changed in ForgeGradle in a non-backwards-compatible way. It's the only part of the setup that's not frozen along with the rest of the MDK snapshot, because the ForgeGradle releases are so coarse-grained. There's no way that three whole versions were just all broken like this when they were contemporary.
  4. Really? That's a bit sad, that there's a whole major version of MC that's just... missed... because Forge was still figuring out its big rewrite. I'll document the work-arounds I've found here, in case anyone else in the future stumbles across the same issue: "gradlew build" and "gradlew runClient" work from a fresh cache. But they fail after running "gradlew eclipse". The issue is that either the deobfuscated source jar or recompiled jar (I haven't narrowed it down yet) cause the "Error getting artifact" issue. Deleting those from the cache directory makes "gradlew bui
  5. Lots of people choose to play older versions, which means having a mod that supports older versions. My mod works all the way back to 1.9, and Forge continues to build going back that far. But the only 1.13.x Forge supported version is 1.13.2, so getting any 1.13 support is contingent on figuring out how to get the freshly-unzipped MDK to work properly.
  6. I think I've ruled out everything possible on my end. Steps to repro: 1. Delete C:\Users\<MY_USER>\.gradle completely. 2. Unpack forge-1.13.2-25.0.219-mdk.zip into a new directory 3. cd to that directory in a command prompt and run "gradlew eclipse > logs.txt 2>&1" This produces the attached logs. The relevant snippet is below: The build lists as "BUILD SUCCESSFUL," but if re-run it has the same error and the generated .classpath file is tiny. Running "gradlew runClient" or build also fails and throws the same stacktrace. logs.
  7. Closing the loop on this: At some point (I don't know exactly when), this problem got resolved. Although the ForgeVersion.json file is still filled with zeros, so I guess there's a different approach now...
  8. I get the same error. I dug into it some, I think they fubar'd the contents of http://files.minecraftforge.net/maven/net/minecraftforge/forge/json, which gets downloaded every build to figure out what forge versions are available. Currently, the structure of the file looks OK, but all the versions are 0... json.txt
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