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  1. Ok fixed it. For the people interested all i did was to create a tickhandler that checked to see if DimensionManager.getWorld( DimensionID ) was null and if the file exists then use the FileUtils.deleteDirectory to remove the dimension files. Lint
  2. I am writing a mod where i am creating a dimension which i would like to delete all the chunk data once the player has left it. I have tried to use the WorldEvent.Unload but forge has not complacently unloaded the world so i get io errors when deleting the DIM8 folder. Is there something that i could use to find out if the dimension has been completely unloaded that i can use to triger the folder deleting. Thanks Lint
  3. I am trying to install the latest source code using the ForgeGradle using this tutorial http://www.minecraftforge.net/forum/index.php/topic,14048.0.html but every time I use the gradlew.bat setupDevWorkspace I get this error. Can someone help me? Thanks in advanced Lint
  4. Sorry should rephrase. I want to create a new type of vehicle in minecraft. What I did was to copy the boat entity code in to a new entity then get a test item to spawn the entity in to the world using if (!par2World.isRemote) { par2World.spawnEntityInWorld(entity); } But when I right click I get the error : "Silently" catching entity tracking error. 2013-06-21 14:59:06 [iNFO] [sTDERR] net.minecraft.util.ReportedException: Adding entity to track The full code is on the github rep
  5. I am trying to add an entity to the game that acted like a vehicle. So to test I copied the boat entity in to a new entity then registered it with entityregstry but when I click to spawn the entity an error comes up and the entity doesn't spawn. Here are the links to the files: Github repo: https://github.com/PortMods/MechCraft/tree/master/common/com/portmods/mechcraft Full Error output: http://pastebin.com/Pjdj06BA This is only a test for a mod I'm making so some of the name will look funny.
  6. The problem you have is the JD-GUI decompile's the mod but names all the base java library's as there deobfuscated names. the only way you can get the source code to a persons mod is to ask the mod writer but it is highly unlikely that they will let you have there source code but they might be able to help you to get to what you are trying to do. I hope this helps.
  7. I have made a gui that has an inventory slot which i edit nbt data in. But when i take the item out of the slot the nbt data reverts back to the old data what could i be doing wrong. Thanks
  8. I'm in the middle of building a mod with a GUI that you can rename items but when ever you press the 'e' key the GUI closes. Is there a way of disabling it until the GUI is close? Thanks
  9. Is there a way of finding the name of a block that you right click with an item or from the id returned from world.getBlockId()?
  10. I am trying to make a mod that will log the blocks that people pace and break. Is there any events out there that I could use to find out when a player has placed a block and which i can also get the coordinates and the block ID? Thanks
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