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  1. Ok, I will find an other way. Thanks
  2. Hi ! I have no idea how to achive it in 1.16. In the older version, we could just add a condition before the registration, but now with the "new" DeferredRegistry system, I don't know how to do it... Please help me, and thank you !
  3. Hi ! I have created a custom container, and I need to have a slot which keep the item, without any type of extraction (like the blaze powder in the brewing stand). I already tried custom slot, and check the code of the brewing stand. Can you please help me ? Here are my tile entity and container class (the slot I need has the index 0 in the block inventory) public class CollectorTE extends LockableLootTileEntity implements ITickableTileEntity, ISidedInventory, IItemHandler { private NonNullList<ItemStack> inventory = NonNullList.withSize(19, ItemStack.EMPTY)
  4. I wan't to update my mod but I don't understand how the new generation system work. Can someone help me ?
  5. Thank yo it solves my problem, for your problem you can maybe find the answer with the source code of Iron Chest : https://github.com/progwml6/ironchest
  6. I want to update my code from 1.12.2 and I do not understand how do they work and how to add a TileEntityType ? Please help me.
  7. Yes it's a solution but it will make my mod heavier. Thank's for your help
  8. Hello, I want to update my code from 1.12.2 to 1.13.2 but EnumHelper.addArmorMaterial([lot of things here]); doesn't exist with forge 1.13.2. How can I fix it ? P.S I'm french, sorry for mistakes
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