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  1. After I updated forge it works. Thanks for that hint. Thanks to all who helped me.
  2. I updated all mod to the forge registry events. It changed nothing, but at least I am using now the right way to register blocks and items
  3. I made some tests and I am now able to say that the problem is only client-side. The real problem is that the IDs from the server world not synchronizing to the client. I make an example: The world on the server has the following IDs: More Blocks Mod 500-510 More Items Mod 511-525 Trampolin Mod 526-542 And then I add the parallel dimension mod: Sever: More Blocks Mod 500-510 More Items Mod 511-525
  4. Just put [solved] on the topic title no problem
  5. So yeah the problem is in your model file. 6 lines (6 sloc) 104 Bytes { "parent": "item/generated", "textures": { "layer0": "inbc:item/taco.png" } } you can change ""layer0": "inbc:item/taco.png" into ""layer0": "inbc:item/taco"" you don't need to write ".png" behind the file name. You can also change your texture name from "taco" to "taco.png"
  6. Try to put your "models" and "textures" folder in "assets/inbc".
  7. But Forge add the entrys to the level.dat and if I had only one mod I can update the mod and I can play with the update on existing worlds. So the only chance to play with the mods and update these on existing worlds is to make one mod? In the past I made this and it worked in the forge 1.8 I updated my github if someone want to look at the new code.
  8. Okay I changed my registration and I'm now using event.getRegistry().registerAll. I tested it with my Trampolin Mod and with the More Blocks Mod, but it changed nothing.
  9. 1.13.2 https://github.com/Patmobile/Mods As blueprint I used: https://github.com/MC-U-Team/U-Mod https://github.com/Krevik/1.13.2-test/tree/06e62fcb27cdcb5bd010a82361f57d12b6491446
  10. Hello Forge Modding Community, I'am developing mods for my own use. I have four Mods: More Blocks Mod More Items Mod Trampolin Mod Parallel Dimension Mod so I also have a private server were we are playing those mods. We played with the first three mods (More Blocks, More Items and Trampolin) and so I added to this world the 4. mod (parallel Dimension). When I did that the server gave those logs: [16Mar2019 22:50:30.794] [Server thread/WARN] [net.minecraftforge.registries.ForgeRegistry/REGISTRIES]: Regis
  11. Made an mod by myself and can say that forge is stable, also the server forge works good.
  12. Just fixed it. I only need to make a reinstall of the server, same mods, same world, same versions and everything works correctly. Thanks to all. Can be closed
  13. This are my own mods. I wrote those mods by myself. So I gave you an expamle: Items mod is on the server and on the client: Everything works fine so I craft an iron spring and put these spring in my inventory. Then I close the game and put my blocks mod in the mod folder. Then I reconnect to the server. The spring is now in my inventory or when I craft a new one an snowbrick (everytime this doesn't change). Or stone helemt: I add the mod it says I have the Obsidian sword on my head but I can put it off an on again. So I think that the server does not think it is a sword. The s
  14. Hello, I started Minecraft 1.13.2 modding this week. I made two Mods both work correctly. If I add one mod two the server. Everything works fine. If I just add the twiced mod to the mods of my minecraft client, not on the server all items and blocks are shown wrong (all from the mod). Forge version ist the forge 25.0.55. Thanks to all who will and want to help me.
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