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  1. I set use LivingEntity#setSprinting in PlayerTickEvent to false to disable sprinting for players. This works in that sprinting is not possible anymore, but there is one problem. If I hold ctrl+space+w to jump sprint forward, it is way faster than holding space+w without ctrl. The sprinting is only disabled for walking. I want to fix this because when the player has a foodLevel of less than 6, the sprinting is also disabled but here holding ctrl+space+w is much slower than when I manually disable it. Any idea how to fix this?
  2. I didn't know that was a thing so thank you, that looks like it is exactly what I need. I tried to use it but I can't get it to work. Here is my accesstransformer.cfg # Makes the fields from the FoodStats class public public net.minecraft.util.FoodStats foodLevel public net.minecraft.util.FoodStats foodSaturationLevel public net.minecraft.util.FoodStats foodExhaustionLevel public net.minecraft.util.FoodStats foodTimer public net.minecraft.util.FoodStats prevFoodLevel And here the line I put into my build.gradle (in the minecraft section, under the line with the mappin
  3. Thank you, I got it working that my custom FoodStats is set. I have one more problem: I created a class named CustomFoodStats that extends FoodStats. When I try to override/copy the tick() method I get lots of errors because all the fields of FoodStats are not accessible. Should I also use reflection to get and set these fields or should I do something else (because that would require a lot of reflection every tick, which I believe is not something I should be doing)? public class CustomFoodStats extends FoodStats { private boolean foodHealthRegen = true; public Custo
  4. When do I set it? Is there a PlayerEntity/Entity creation event or something similar that I should use? I only found EntityJoinWorldEvent but then it would create a new FoodStats object everytime the entity joins. How can I check if the entity hasn't been created before? Or should I use something completely different?
  5. Okay, I know how to make my own custom FoodStats using capabilities, but how can I disable/replace the original then?
  6. I'm wondering if it's possible to cancel the healing and NOT to check whether the player heals and then apply damage to them.
  7. I want to disable healing (from food, not from potions). I know you can do this by disabling the gamerule "naturalRegeneration" but if I'm correct, this will disable the healing for all players. Is there a way to disable the natural healing per player?
  8. I have created a custom status bar that is located right above the food bar. The problem is that when you go underwater it overlaps with the oxygenbar. I know that I can move my status bar up when underwater but I want to move the oxygen so that it is located above my custom bar. Is this possible? And if so, how do I do this. I used the RenderGameOverlayEvent.Post event to render my custom bar.
  9. I have created this and it seems to work how I want it to. I can't drag of shift click item into the output slot, hoppers only insert in the input slot and when a crafting operation is completed, the result gets inserted into the output slot. I have a question about this: If I have to guess the reason that this works is that hoppers can only insert from the top or sides, and not from the bottom. That would mean that a machine that can insert items from the bottom of my block will insert the items into the output slot. Am I right about this? If that is indeed the case then I will tr
  10. Why do I need two versions? Can't I just create an outputslot as an IItemHandler, cast it as an IItemHandlerModifiable when I have to insert a stack internally, and then expose the non-casted version?
  11. If I understand correctly, in your case the non-modifiable version is the outputSlotWrapper, right?
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