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  1. Considering the accomplishments I have seen here and a few kind words from Overmind, all I can say is "YOU GO BOY!!"
  2. HP compaq with inboard graphics and sound Intel Celeron CPU 2.6 ghz with 1.9 gb ram Windows XP pro O.S. My main computer crapped out temporarily and I had this backup computer I use with a ton of hard drives. This computer the way it is now, with no adaptors, does not run Minecraft in Single player very well at all, until I did some tinkering anyway. The results are a setup easy to use and play with. MultiMC for windows makes installing Forge and related mods very easy. Optifine mod added a huge group of stuff to the Vanilla MC options menu video settings. Turn off nearly everything you can find in there, before creating a world. Turn off Snooper settings. You can always turn some of this stuff back on later if you get good FPS. create a world with the superflat terrain option. When I enter this world I get 32 FPS when I press the F3 function key. The types of mods chosen should make no difference, however, extensively complex machinery will drain the resources of even the best of computers. How this works: Optifine reduces the graphics load, while switching to Flat terrain reduces CPU load since the chunks the cpu deals with are much smaller. This same setup will work in Linux systems as well, provided the older computer you are trying to use has good Linux drivers.
  3. This software is intended to make entire packs of mods available, not only for download but, properly installed in Minecraft with proper adjustments as well. A nice idea but,,,, This morning I fired the launcher up and was asked if I wanted to update the launcher. The launcher downloaded some files and restarted just fine as version 107. I thought great! now to play FTB mod pack, I had previously downloaded and installed. A dialog box asked if I wanted the FTB mod pack updated, I said yes. A new dialog box showed 31mb plus downloading very slow. When this was done instead of starting up Minecraft, a new dialog box came up downloading Minecraft files. I thought, "What the hell?". Next a vanilla Minecraft menu screen pops up, with no mods and no maps I had saved. A careful look in the mod pack folder and backup files showed all mods and maps had been deleted. Nobody, I know releases software to the public without some kind of testing on safe links first. This is a really obvious error, the author Slowpoke should have caught before this update was made public. I have backups I will use with MultiMC from now on and do my own updates. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you leave this software alone, or at least use lots and lots of renamed backups.
  4. Quite often what happens with any software program written, a bug( or 5 ) gets exploited and becomes part of the game play. The author of the program quite often only sees how he/she wants the mod played, instead of the fun the players are having with it. The player's opinion is more important here than the author, no matter how right the author may be about such changes. The player simply does not have to use the mod or software program in question. For example: IMO Industrial Craft solar is outrageously expensive just because the author wants to make the Mass Fabricator harder to get. The results of these changes have spoiled the fun of using the rest of the mod. I personally will never use this mod again because of those changes. Argue that all you want, but you can not force players to agree with your changes. You can not force players to use your mod regardless of how right you may be about the changes. The player opinion counts, else you will play your finely authored mod alone.
  5. From various sources I learned Java7 works better so I upgraded from Java6 to Java7. I use Ubuntu 12 However, Minecraft 1.2.5 does not like Java7. After some research and experimenting, I discovered the Light Weight Java Graphics Library(lwjgl) inside Minecraft had to be upgraded as well. I am using lwjgl 2.8.4, which gives me a performance increase in Minecraft. My previous setup had unreliable sound and rendering glitches, even with the latest graphics card and sound upgrades, plus recommended settings, drivers. The website explains it http://www.lwjgl.org/ The download links lead you to SourceForge which provides a zip and even sounce code. If you decide to try the upgrade always make backup copies. Research a method for downgrading Java7 back to Java6 if it does not work out for your particular Operating System. In the zip you download, you will find files just like those in your .Minecraft/bin and .Minecraft/bin/natives folders. I replaced all the original lwjgl files in Minecraft and left the extra files I found in the downloaded zip, just in case they were needed. What about Minecraft 1.3 when it comes out? That is currently pure speculation. I am not going to worry about that bridge until I cross it. Edit: I just discovered Java 7 does not always work well with some mods, so be ready to downgrade back to Java7 if this happens. LWJGL 2.8.4 works well with Java 7 and Java 6 on my computer.
  6. Man, I got really tired of always trying to keep my stuff safe from creepers in a survival mode world, single or multiplayer. It seems like the best you can do is a well lit area to keep them from spawning. This works most of the time to keep them out of my buildings and such. So what about areas where you can't keep them away? You've got your Redpower mod stuff going on some project which took a lot of time to collect and assemble. Along comes some creeper and BOOM, all that work is gone and the only way to replace it is to gather those materials and assmble the stuff all over again. At first all I wanted to do was revenge in MCP, get even with the evil things,when I started to play with the functions a bit. Now what I have is a fast moving creature, which tries to run away and hide, if he sees you first from 20 blocks away. A bit of stealth and a bow and arrow are required to bring this illusive creature down. He drops 6 gunpowder items for your efforts. Caution: if he gets cornered too close to you the creeper can still blow up! I left the wander function in so keep your doors closed or you will still have an explosion problem inside your buildings. hah Now hunting at night can be fun, but other mobs will still sneak up on you if you let them. Please find the attachments below for client and server. This is an internal mod but Overmind DL1 is teaching me how to convert it to an external mod so expect an update soon. This was editted with Eclipse on MCP 6.2 with Minecrat 1.2.5 and Forge 3.3 7 installed. Tested on vanilla Minecraft 1.2.5 with Forge 3.3.7 and NEI 1.2.2 installed, outside the MCP enviroment. All modifications were done without changing any class names in vanilla source code and should be compatible with a vanilla Minecraft 1.2.5 for now until it is converted to an external mod that uses Forge/FML. If anyone needs install instructions for an internal mod I will be glad to provide them, but install is accomplished the same way as Forge in both client and server. You just unzip the file and place the class file inside Minecraft.jar. You have to be logged in to see the attachments, which are a faster download. However, if that is too inconvenient for you here is a direct download. http://deadscion.com/downloads/illusivecreeper1.1.zip http://deadscion.com/downloads/illusivecreeper1.1_server.zip illusivecreeper1.1.zip illusivecreeper1.1_server.zip
  7. As a late comer to your amazing API Ubuntu does not allow any more Java 6 upgrades due to security issues and I am stuck at java version "1.6.0_24". Is it possible you will be upgrading to Java 7 in the future? Else I will not be able to mod using Forge. Thanks
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