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  1. Okay, I added 2 more breakpoints, and the only one that triggered was the "executes" line. I will now edit the post to mark where I put the breakpoints
  2. Yes I did press debug mode... Let me just use another breakpoint somewhere..
  3. An IScreenFactory basically requires a reference to the screen class constructor (e.g. ScreenClass::new), and you can look in ContainerType to see how you make one
  4. You need to link the container and the screen (aka Gui) Using a method in ScreenManager using a method that i cant remember
  5. I'm pretty sure you need to register the class itself, not an instance of it.... Correct me if I'm wrong
  6. So I want to create a command to teleport between dimensions, for testing, but when I try to run it, the game says "Unknown Command" "...dimension_name_here <--[HERE]" And I also tried using breakpoints but they didn't trigger whatsoever?? Command Class: public class TeleportDimensionCommand { public static void register(CommandDispatcher<CommandSource> dispatcher) { LiteralArgumentBuilder<CommandSource> builder = Commands.literal("teleport_dimension").requires(source -> source.hasPermissionLevel(2)); builder.then(Commands.argument("d
  7. like this? { "type": "minecraft:block", "pools": [ { "rolls": 1, "entries": [ { "type": "minecraft:item", "functions": [ { "function": "minecraft:set_count", "count": 4 }, { "function": "minecraft:explosion_decay" } ], "name": "undergroundadditions:dirt_chunk" },
  8. I want for it to always give dirt chunks when broken, but only grass seeds within a chance.
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