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  1. Sounds great. No idea how it works tho, I've seen it work for private fields, but I have no idea how to make it work for constructiors.
  2. Hello, I am trying to add my own Villiager. In order to create its profession I also need to create its POI. However, the constructor for PointOfIntrestType is private. Infact, 99% of the class is private. While I can use the differed registry to order things correctly, it obv creates an error when I try to instantiate the private class. public static final RegistryObject<PointOfInterestType> MONEY_POI = POI.register("money_machine", // First #1 is the number of villigers who can use block at a time, () -> new PointOfInterestType("money_machi
  3. IMleader


    Any errors? How are you registering the entity. It will be easier for you to put your code on github
  4. IMleader


    Does it spawn at all? How are you spawning it? Try using the summon command
  5. Create a GUI by extending GuiScreen. Create a GUI handler that extends IGuiHanlder. Inside getClientGuiElement, return the instance of the gui based on the provided id. Finally, on your init() register your handler with NetworkRegistry.INSTANCE.registerGuiHandler()
  6. IMleader


    Thats because render() is called by minecraft. Your method is named renderer(). If you can an error for render() it is because your agrguments are wrong.
  7. Create your own packet. https://mcforge.readthedocs.io/en/latest/networking/simpleimpl/
  8. Hello, I am trying to get a scroll bar in my GUI. It currently scrolls but is a little slow to fast mouse movement. It also completely breaks when the user resizes the window. How can I adapt to these updates? (full screen v.s smaller sizes) Gui class here I have attached a video of it in-game to show its odd effects(Sorry for the resize part, had to fix obs halfway through) EDIT: How would I combine this scroller with the later list? For ex, the items moving with the scroller EDIT: Idk how to remove these videos ;/ 2019-09-22 01-12-18.mp4 2019-09-22 01-1
  9. IMleader


    Yea ignore that. I just re-read the docs. Make sure it extends EntityModel
  10. IMleader


    Read the error. The type CrackHeadModel is not a valid substitute. Try it with CrackHeadModel.class & make sure that crack head model extends EntityModel
  11. Yep, removed infinite spawning and it works.
  12. Yes, the breaking would REALLY occur when the world was first loaded, as the game would pause, and thus save. The entity is DEFF created. Before adding back the tem.entityMember bit, they spawn every tick. Very cool way to crash your worlds!
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