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  1. Is there any guide about adding to minecraft a custom potion effects, custom potions, brewing stand recipes?
  2. How to make it so that when using the tool in crafting, it does not disappear, but simply receives damage?
  3. If yes, then here is my question: Why can't minecraft data be edited in fabric mod? I create a mod. In the resources folder, I create package data.minecraft.loot_tables.blocks and place the grass.json file there, but nothing works. I checked the right of the loot table written by me.
  4. I want to run the minecraft command (for example, /say hello) from the mod main class
  5. I want to change drop chances for the vanilla sand block for only one item, for example, for the stick. But if i write this code, i change drop chances for all drops of the sand block: if ((event.getState().getBlock() instanceof BlockSand)) { event.getDrops().add(new ItemStack(Items.STICK, 1)); event.setDropChance((float) 0.08); }
  6. It is necessary that when a player breaks the gravel with a stick in his hand, for example, dirt also drops. I tried to write the necessary code myself, but nothing works, and I need an example.
  7. I wrote this code, but test_item don't drops when i break a gravel with a stick in mainhand. What's wrong? if ((event.getState().getBlock() instanceof BlockGravel)) { if (event.getHarvester() != null) { ItemStack tool = event.getHarvester().getHeldItemMainhand(); ItemStack item = new ItemStack(Items.STICK); if (tool == item) { event.getDrops().add(new ItemStack(ItemList.test_item, 1)); event.setDropChance((float) 0.8); } } }
  8. I do not understand anything but ok ?. As they say in russian 'Них#я не понял, но очень интересно'
  9. And that's working. Thank you very much
  10. it means, that line "IBlockState blockState = event.getState().getBlockState();" has no mistake?
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