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  1. what are you asking? it doesnt really make sense at all
  2. [removed link to crap video] <-- damn diesieben is a real sissy
  3. 0xx06


    Vanilly isn't the actual name of the mod, i changed it for sake of this forum post in my actual code the id is lowercase my mod is supposed to be client-side only, it is aimed at improving vanilla gameplay even when playing on non-forge servers. i have tried a lot of other approaches in the mean time but none get the events in the non-@mod-classes to fire, while the events in the (in this example) Vanilly (main) class do fire. edit:// i just had the thought that maybe ServerChatEvent is actually the wrong event and chat messages coming from the server are intercepted with ClientChatReceive?
  4. pretty sure it's relative eye level in relation to size (0.0-1.0), 0.0 being lowest point and 1.0 top of the head.
  5. 0xx06


    @Cadiboo Because that would mean you'd have to open the controls menu, i think it's handy to have the option to do it via chat commands. the menu is another story
  6. 0xx06


    I searched even more and still couldn't find anything so I decided to write my own function to do it public int getKeyCodeFromKey(String key) throws KeyNotFoundException { for(int i = 39; i < 97; i++) { if(key.equalsIgnoreCase(GLFW.glfwGetKeyName(GLFW.GLFW_KEY_UNKNOWN, i))) return i; } throw new KeyNotFoundException("Key not found."); }
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