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  1. actually, i just solved the problem, what i did was: install forge, but have a backup of a regular minecraft.jar aside. i opened the sound folder in the forge minecraft.jar and copy/pasted everything from the regular one except for the codecs, which is the only thing left in the forge minecraft.jar. since they both had a codecs, i manually merged them by opening the codecs folders, and put the regular codecs classes into the forge one, giving you a sound folder with a bunch of crap in it, and three classes in the codecs folder, which is in the sound folder. no more hissless creepers for me, thanks guys
  2. that was a little hard to interpret, what i did was: copy the sound folder from a clean minecraft.jar folder without forge, and put the sound folder back in after i installed forge. i noticed that the forge sound folder is different from the regular sound folder. im still getting the error. please try describing the instructions a bit more clearly. im using a mac by the way. thank you.
  3. on mac (note, i am not a professional with these descriptions), you copy the contents of a zip, such as forge, and paste them into your minecraft.jar folder. you have the option to skip, stop (cancel), or replace. on most minecraft forums, this is the basic installation process for mac provided by the modder.
  4. Im using a mac too, and i have the exact same problem, i searched the mac app store for any kind of .class merging tools, i found nothing. someone out there has to know how to help
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