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  1. Running .\gradlew genEclipseRuns or .\gradlew eclipse, I got this:
  2. Hmm when does it detect a server?
  3. Hello, I wonder if it is possible to make mod client-side-only in forge 1.14?
  4. I opened file in Referenced Libraries/client extra.jar, not my own resources
  5. I use Eclipse. When I try to open assets I get: "System editor can only open file base resources"
  6. Solved. But I wonder can you directly open minecraft assets in your IDE? it seems impossible in mine
  7. Working on a mod in 1.14 and I want to know about file structure and how model json is written. So how do I get a default resource pack?
  8. I just checked my json and found out the problem. Thank you!
  9. I am making a water-loggable block in Forge 1.14 but modelbakery throws no variant exception. I want to know how to make model loader ignore the property? In 1.12 I can use ModelLoader#setCustomStateMapper but there is no this method in 1.14.
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