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  1. > Hi. I'm having an issue > Firstly, I took these steps to install Forge: 1. Downloaded minecraft Forge, build 489 (still using 1.4.6) 2. Extracted it to a folder. 3. Added the contents to minecraft.bin 4. Added OptiFine to minecraft.bin 5. Removed MOJANG's files from META-INF 6. Renamed the Forge's zip file to *.jar 7. Moved the jar to minecraft-server.jar's location 8. Started the server again (using the same 1.4.6 map), using Forge's jar to do so. > Assuming I did it all correctly, I have an unsolvable issue : I can't drop any items. Either via dragging from inventory or by pressing Q. I can do it on my single-player maps, but not on multiplayer, either creative or SMP. Is there a setting I must change to allow me to drop items?
  2. > Hey. I'm transitioning from pure Bukkit to BukkitForge and I've noticed a couple issues: 1. Would you kindly port "Transporter Plugin", if possible? Or, if not, would you kindly point out a Forge mod that allows inter-world teleports? 2. When using /help, or any command that outputs more than two lines of text, it stops writing at the end of the second line. Max amount of output lines is a configurable aspect of Forge? 3. I'm still having this issue of "First position set to null", "Second position set to null" issue. I'm using Forge Build server and client version; I'm using your ported version of WorldEdit (though I'm using the original bukkit's WorldGuard). 4. I don't know if it's because of WorldEdit not correctly defining regions/selections, but WorldGuard seems not to be functioning correctly. None of the flags are working (mob-spawning, lava-flow, fire-spread, ice-thaw...). I'm hoping it's related to the point above, so it'll be fixed together. 5. For some reason, I'm unable to drop (Q-key) any items... Nevermind... This one's not caused by BukkitForge > Thanks in advance
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