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  1. Hence I didnt ask about asm but how to run in obf without bulding first. This is purely a convenience question, love how people here dig aorund in questions just to find a way to not contribute anything helpful.
  2. To debug transformed bytecode in an obf environment.
  3. Heya, I would like to run my client obfuscated without building it first but can't find shit while googling. Is that possible and if yes, how?
  4. I'm not disagreeing with you as this is somewhat exactly what i meant when I said "but as long as nobody searches for injection nodes by opcode without verifying context". I also understand that i have to retract from my initial statement a bit, since having my shit messed up is really easy no matter how well I think i'm doing it. i'm still standing with having it done decently (on a technical level), but i will remove the entity class patches for the mount dismount events and i will see if i missed any other forge events for which i injected custom bytecode. i want to keep my mod as unobstrusive as possible after all.
  5. i have no idea how i missed that in the event type hierarchy. seriously ... lol. i know that if people inject shitty bytecode it could mess up shit, but as long as nobody searches for injection nodes by opcode without verifying context there shouldnt be any problems. i always insert pre-events as closed if's (if cancelable) and post events as single method invokes.
  6. damn, now that's news. i gotta say i was struggling with finding readables about anything going beyond standard forge coding so i didnt come across this at all. my coremod doesnt only supply events from networkmanager though, i also injected a bunch of other events which i need (player mounted rideable/player dismounted rideable yadda yadda) so i guess having my coremod isn't too bad after all. and, dont worry, i'm handling it carefully. i'm only injecting enclosed code which cant possibly interfere with other people's code.
  7. i couldnt find another way of injecting custom cancelable and stageable events edit:// with "intercepting" packages i meant also being able to get the event stage and having the option to cancel both sending packages and processing received packages
  8. knowing that the 2nd method is gone with 1.13 i will use method nr 1. my coremod is already separated from my main mod (and yes i needed one to intercept vanilla packets but i did that and it works like a charm and shouldnt conflict with other mods either, since i injected unintrusive bytecode only.) thank you nonetheless!
  9. Heya, I'm kinda conflicted on how to implement my accesstransformer. I read a lot of stuff and i ended up with two ways: 1. by telling my build.gradle to move my *_at.cfg to meta-inf and adding a manifest attribute FMLAT specifying my accesstransformer cfg and running setupDecompWorkspace everytime i change something about it 2. by extending AccessTransformer and linking my *_at.cfg in the superconstructor (and link to it from my coremod-class?). so which is the right way?
  10. well i can't even intercept it anyways with forge standard means right?
  11. This is one of the most powerful tools of a programmer
  12. it definitely can, i have seen mods that do this, the server sends a packet instanceof SPacketTimeUpdate on every tick.
  13. Hello, i am trying to make a little info-hud including useful information such as FPS and Ping. I also want to include the server-TPS in the hud but I can't find a way to do it in "vanilla forge". i don't think there is an event that lets me count server ticks from the client. If i had a packet received event I could check if it was instanceof SPacketTimeUpdate and could probably calculate the time between receiving those but afaik the only way of getting such event was to use ASM which i don't think i am knowledgeable enough for. am i missing a very obvious and easy solution?? EDIT: To avoid any misconceptions: The mod is supposed to run on the client only!
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