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  1. There should be a hook in the code for the ore block you want to modify. If there isn't then ask the devs to add a hook(or DIY).
  2. If you were just trying to modify source/dev with forge 1.download forge source 2.run install.bat/py/sh 3.wait for a long time 4.open the mcp folder in the forge source folder. 5.do what you usually would. hope this helps.
  3. It also happens with IC2 chargepads mod, and basically anything that modifies metadata while the item is held. Hopefully the forge devs will find a way to fix this soon.
  4. recompile ur minecraft and add the mod as you usually would. Slower but generally the only way.
  5. in some cases it can cause chashes and save corruption though i *think* it has been fixed.
  6. try unzipping and placing the contents in a folder with the same name as the zip. Worked for me for some other mods. It should work (in theory).
  7. PR the forge on Github with your API. You'd better hurry though
  8. What's the point when you have NEI?
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