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  1. I do not understand but it seems this error occurs if the server item is something more than expected. tell me what is the maximum number of item is? UP when the item is in 1930 I can login to the server. 1934 is when the item is no longer allowed on the server. UP2 499 forg fix my problem thanks)))
  2. I have the same error. I do not know much English. on this read our correspondence with the author of one mod. http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1625015-147-applied-energistics-rv-2-d/page__st__140#entry20267527 and here she error. tell me what else do you need to send? UP logs with the problem client http://paste.ubuntu.com/1520752/ server http://paste.ubuntu.com/1520754/ no problem client http://paste.ubuntu.com/1520748/ server http://paste.ubuntu.com/1520749/
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