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  1. I have multiple model files that i'd like to apply to one single item. And be able to change it based on nbt tag ?
  2. Oh whoops, I made a mistake and put it in the wrong category, @diesieben07 can you please move this to the Modder support directory? I cant find how
  3. So i need some help with models. I'm trying to create an item that has multiple models at once. I know i have to do something with baked models and stuff but i cant figure it out. Some help would be appreciated. To clearify my problem: Say i got model A a stick, model B a log and model C a chicken, I want to be able to combine model A and C and A and B from code
  4. Hello, I am trying to create a custom biome and i got the class setup. But i cant find where i have to say hey this biome goes in this world type. Any help?
  5. Sorry, wrong method. I meant Biome#createDecoratedFeature
  6. Alright thanks, which parameters do i use? i got the first 2 but i dont understand the last 2
  7. See, I forgot something. How can i do that?
  8. Thats not the problem since saplings work with the same files. But they are located in resources/data/arcana/structures.. Oh wait thats not right EDIT: It is right, Nevermind. But still, they dont spawn in the world. The saplings do work though Tried that, Doesnt change anything. I got no errors in the console
  9. Alright, I''m trying to spawn trees in my normal world. I already got the nbt files but i cant seem to fix how the "Feature" class works. (If i'm actually supposed to use that one) heres my code now public class SilverwoodFeature extends Feature<NoFeatureConfig> { public SilverwoodFeature(Function<Dynamic<?>, ? extends NoFeatureConfig> configFactoryIn) { super(configFactoryIn); } @Override public boolean place(IWorld world, ChunkGenerator<? extends GenerationSettings> generator, Random random, BlockPos spawnPos, NoFeatureConfig config) { ServerWorld worldserver = (ServerWorld) world; TemplateManager templatemanager = worldserver.getStructureTemplateManager(); Template template = templatemanager.getTemplate(new ResourceLocation("arcana", "trees/greatwoodtree")); int h = ThreadLocalRandom.current().nextInt(0, 7); switch(h) { case 1: template = templatemanager.getTemplate(new ResourceLocation("arcana", "trees/silverwood/silverwood1")); break; case 2: template = templatemanager.getTemplate(new ResourceLocation("arcana", "trees/silverwood/silverwood2")); break; case 3: template = templatemanager.getTemplate(new ResourceLocation("arcana", "trees/silverwood/silverwood3")); break; case 4: template = templatemanager.getTemplate(new ResourceLocation("arcana", "trees/silverwood/silverwood4")); break; case 5: template = templatemanager.getTemplate(new ResourceLocation("arcana", "trees/silverwood/silverwood5")); break; case 6: template = templatemanager.getTemplate(new ResourceLocation("arcana", "trees/silverwood/silverwood6")); break; case 7: template = templatemanager.getTemplate(new ResourceLocation("arcana", "trees/silverwood/silverwood7")); break; } if(random.nextInt(1) != 0 || world.getBiome(spawnPos) != Biomes.PLAINS) { return false; } if(template == null) { Constants.LOGGER.error("Could not find structure at " + new ResourceLocation("arcana:structures/trees/greatwood")); return false; } PlacementSettings placementsettings = (new PlacementSettings()).setMirror(Mirror.NONE) .setRotation(Rotation.NONE).setIgnoreEntities(false).setChunk(null); template.addBlocksToWorld(world, spawnPos.add(-4, 0, -4), placementsettings); return true; }
  10. its easier to create a batch script that runs the jar. That way it throws errors you can actually see.
  11. Update again, i think i setup the feature correctly and registered it. But it didnt spawn. Not at all. Any help?
  12. Alright, I've found out the existence of the Feature class but i dont know how to use it. Please help
  13. I'm trying to let some structures spawn via vanilla worldgen. I have a class implementing IWorldGenerator and added stuff to generate the structure. I think i have to register it somewhere but i dont know where and how. Can someone help?
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