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  1. It catches my attention that it says "place manual server jar" what is this file and where can I download it? I have the forge libraries and the installer but it asks me for that server .jar file. Maybe with that file you can make forge update and work offline. Please if anyone knows how to update forhw offline, write me. Maybe @LexManos can help me.
  2. I refer to this quote for help, since the subject is somewhat old. Any idea how to solve this and update or install forge offline?
  3. I have tried this that you put up here but I get the following poster: "Downloading minecraft server failed, invalid e-tag checksum Try again or manually place server jar to skip download" Copy the libraries to the .minecraft folder, it should be noted that what I want is to update forge because I have an earlier version and that poster is the one that I get and I don't know what it means with place server jar, where is that file that I need to place manually ? Is it possible to update forge offline in these circumstances?
  4. Because I am from a work center where internet connection is used through a proxy and I can only use the browser and some other applications that have function to connect through a proxy. Also in Cuba the internet is very limited and it is necessary to go to navigation rooms to access the internet and on the PCs that are usually used for that, they may not have the administrator or folder permissions that prevent access to the .minecraft folder. In addition I would be very comfortable a method to install offline because in my house I don't have internet.
  5. Ok, is there any way to install forge offline or update an existing version also offline? I have the 1.12.2 but I need to update forge to use some mods, it would be great a guide on how to update forge offline or how to install it offline, either option would appreciate it.
  6. Please, could you add the possibility that all the resources and libraries that you need forge for minecraft were already present inside the installer for the mods to run and work without having to connect to the internet to download the libraries? It would be very useful if they did, thanks in advance
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