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  1. Also, when I try to find my ore, it doesn't show up. Why?
  2. I'm trying to do that, however, when I do do that, the configure is underlined. Why? Found the solution, instead of b, use a.
  3. I'm wondering how to make a block allow a user to sit on it, so like when the user presses a certain key on the block it'll make them sit down. Does it have to involve with positing the character or anything?
  4. Sorry for the long spoiler, don't know why it did that.
  5. So, I was watching some videos about how to do the Guis with blocks mainly with Containers & Screens, once loading up my game, and click on my block, I noticed that the gui was shown for a split second until it crashed my game. The video I was watching - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GsV_pKkE1mo&list=PLmaTwVFUUXiBKYYSyrv_uPPoPZtEsCBVJ&index=5&t=1692s My Container Class - https://sourceb.in/9568761a4b.java My Screen Class - https://sourceb.in/712ae79b4c.java My error -
  6. I have my image within my assets folder, which is mainly assets/testmod/Testmod.png, yet whenever I just put the png itself it doesn't show, or whenever I add the assets/testmod it just crashes whenever I go to the mods. Anybody have a way to put an image as a logoFile for my mod?
  7. What are some classes that extend Screen?
  8. Hi! I know I have mentioned before I wouldn't need any further explanation, but I need some assistance with your explanations. 1 - Can you give a small class example for the Minecraft#displayScreen & the other things you've mentioned. 2 - Any videos/pictures that could assist me with my question? 3 - Sorry if the first one seemed a bit bossy, I just am new to the screen creations.
  9. BlockList.testing_block = new Block(Block.Properties.create(Material.ANVIL).hardnessAndResistance(2.0f, 3.0f).lightValue(2).sound(SoundType.ANVIL)).getBlock().setRegistryName(location("testing_block")) The line that I have provided up here I wanted it to be a class instead of a JSON file. One of my blocks outlines and I wanted to add the CUTOUT method towards the model itself. Am I able to replace the testing_block with the class I created for the block? Example : BlockList.testing_block = new Block(Block.Properties.create(Material.ANVIL).hardnessAndResistance(2.0f, 3.0f).lightValue(2).sound(SoundType.ANVIL)).getBlock().setRegistryName(location(TestingBlockClass)) TestingBlockClass being the class, or where it's the location is at.
  10. There's a forum discussing how to make them sit on there, apparently, you create an invisible entity with the correct location and rotation, then have the player mount it (sit on top of it). I believe if you wanted it to sleep you'd do the exact same thing.
  11. MultiMC is something created by the creator of the original launcher (for the default Minecraft), it doesn't combine the versions together. It's just useful in case if you can't get those versions manually.
  12. You got to remember, forge doesn't have everything replaced into their own words nor resources. Sure I agree with you in this, but it mainly tells the user(s) that it's a default Minecraft item with the assets domain. Also, it'll take some time to replace some of it just with their own domain, but I like it.
  13. I did disable them from being created, yet I don't know how to remove it entirely. [P.S] Does it have to do with anything alongside my code or just that one thing?
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