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  1. How many of you are experiencing problems with mods or just don't understand it? Well I have (some) fixes to the problems. If you don't know what mods are, they are modifications to change the way you can play the game. And to do that you need Forge, Forge is the base to your modded minecraft, without it you can't have mods. And to install it simple search "Minecraft Forge <Enter desired minecraft version>". I can fix some of your problems with mods. If it's... 1. Minecraft crashing with the installation of mods 2. Mod installation not working (Mods don't appear) 3.
  2. Now, I know this page is probably dead. Though I've had a problem that's "related" to this. I am playing 1.12.2 Singleplayer modded and I noticed I can't craft tools, or any vanilla tools. Is there a fix for this or what will I do?
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