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  1. Recently, I haven't found any mods in the mods list that allow me config them in-game. This used to be possible in forge for 1.12.2. Was this feature removed, or is it still there but I just don't know how to enable it for my mod specifically?
  2. Hello, I'm using EntityList.getEntityNameList() to get a list of registered entity ResourceLocations. I'm struggling to figure out how to check whether or not a mob is a boss just by looking at their resource location during Minecraft's launch phase. I tried creating a mob, but you need a loaded world to create an entity. Can you check if a mob is a boss just by knowing it's resource location?
  3. In previous versions of forge, I used this method in World to check if the player was inside any block with a solid collision, such as a block or a fence. It worked pretty well. world.collidesWithAnyBlock(pl.getEntityBoundingBox()) In 1.15.1, I'm using this method instead, but it works differently. It returns true even when I'm inside a block with no collision (like a flower), and it returns true even if I'm just standing inside the same block as the fence, rather than inside the fence itself. world.checkBlockCollision(pl.getBoundingBox()) I'm wondering if there a method equivalent to world.collidesWithAnyBlock() in the newest build of forge? A way to check if a bounding box is collided with any solid objects?
  4. This causes the client and the server to desync. The item is used up on the client but still exists on the server. Is there a reliable way to update the client's hotbar?
  5. Is there a way to tell if the item used during PlayerInteractEvent is going to result in a block being placed in the world? The issue with PlayerInteractEvent.RightClickBlock is that it's called on the client even when the player is too close to the clicked block for a new block to be placed. I need to check before BlockEvent.PlaceEvent is triggered because I want to prevent the ItemStack's count from decreasing. I tried using world.mayPlace() but it doesn't seem to detect if the player is standing in the way. I'm using this method in PlayerInteractEvent.RightClickBlock: Block block = Block.getBlockFromItem(event.getItemStack().getItem()); if (world.mayPlace(block, event.getPos().offset(event.getFace()), false, event.getFace(), player)) { } Alternatively, is there a reliable way to detect when an item is consumed or depleted in stack size?
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