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  1. Recently, I haven't found any mods in the mods list that allow me config them in-game. This used to be possible in forge for 1.12.2. Was this feature removed, or is it still there but I just don't know how to enable it for my mod specifically?
  2. Hello, I'm using EntityList.getEntityNameList() to get a list of registered entity ResourceLocations. I'm struggling to figure out how to check whether or not a mob is a boss just by looking at their resource location during Minecraft's launch phase. I tried creating a mob, but you need a loaded world to create an entity. Can you check if a mob is a boss just by knowing it's resource location?
  3. In previous versions of forge, I used this method in World to check if the player was inside any block with a solid collision, such as a block or a fence. It worked pretty well. world.collidesWithAnyBlock(pl.getEntityBoundingBox()) In 1.15.1, I'm using this method instead, but it works differently. It returns true even when I'm inside a block with no collision (like a flower), and it returns true even if I'm just standing inside the same block as the fence, rather than inside the fence itself. world.checkBlockCollision(pl.getBoundingBox()) I'm wondering if there a m
  4. This causes the client and the server to desync. The item is used up on the client but still exists on the server. Is there a reliable way to update the client's hotbar?
  5. Is there a way to tell if the item used during PlayerInteractEvent is going to result in a block being placed in the world? The issue with PlayerInteractEvent.RightClickBlock is that it's called on the client even when the player is too close to the clicked block for a new block to be placed. I need to check before BlockEvent.PlaceEvent is triggered because I want to prevent the ItemStack's count from decreasing. I tried using world.mayPlace() but it doesn't seem to detect if the player is standing in the way. I'm using this method in PlayerInteractEvent.RightClickBlock: Block bloc
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