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  1. uhm, what do you mean what do you mean?
  2. LinuxMinecrafter


    Doesn't it seem a bit unnecessary to shadowban technovision. I follow his tutorials and they seem pretty great to me. Ban me, but I think it seems just a tad unfair.
  3. here is the code I have so far. I am trying to make a spawn egg. @SubscribeEvent public static void onClickEgg(PlayerInteractEvent event) { if (event.getEntityLiving().getHeldItemMainhand().getItem() == ModItems.SPAWN_MUDDY_PIG.get()) { PlayerEntity player = event.getPlayer(); } }
  4. It crashes before the game even finishes loading though.
  5. tell me if you need more info, but here is my event code: @SubscribeEvent public static void onOpenGui(GuiOpenEvent event) { Minecraft.getInstance().world.playSound(null, 0, 0, 0, SoundEvents.UI_BUTTON_CLICK, SoundCategory.NEUTRAL, 0.3F, 0.0F); Test.LOGGER.info("Sound played!"); }
  6. I just ported my mod to 1.16.1. I can't get runClient to work. it gives me this error. "Class 'net.minecraftforge.userdev.LaunchTesting' not found in module 'Test'" Test being my Mod ID. here is a screenshot of my runClient config.
  7. Hi, so I want to mod Minecraft 1.12.2. I use to do that and stopped using Forge. I loaded up the latest Minecraft Forge, and my OS completely locks up. I have to use the button on the tower to reboot. Mod list: Mrcrayfish's Furniture Mod Mrcrayfish's Vehicle Mod Astrotech Droid Mod Portal Gun Mod OS: Debian 10 I have tried a lot of Forge versions. Help greatly appreciated!
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