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  1. From the main page, when I click on Tutorials, all I get is the following: Warning: require(/home/overforge_vps/minecraftforge.net/forum/SSI.php) [function.require]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/overforge_vps/minecraftforge.net/w/skins/Vector.php on line 15 Fatal error: require() [function.require]: Failed opening required '/home/overforge_vps/minecraftforge.net/forum/SSI.php' (include_path='.:/usr/local/lib/php:/usr/local/php5/lib/pear') in /home/overforge_vps/minecraftforge.net/w/skins/Vector.php on line 15 I'm running Internet Explorer 8. That's the
  2. Looks like I solved it. A friend did a Google for this error, and found 2 suggestions: update video driver, and increase Windows swap file. I found NVIDIA did come out with a new driver on September 19 of this year, but that didn't fix the problem. Then I increased the Windows swap file. That did fix it.
  3. Excerpt from the log: 2013-09-23 02:20:28 [FINE] [ForgeModLoader] Runtime patching class net.minecraft.client.gui.achievement.GuiAchievements (input size 7316), found 1 patch 2013-09-23 02:20:28 [FINE] [ForgeModLoader] Successfully applied runtime patches for net.minecraft.client.gui.achievement.GuiAchievements (new size 10361) 2013-09-23 02:20:28 [FINE] [ForgeModLoader] Runtime patching class net.minecraft.client.gui.inventory.GuiContainerCreative (input size 12366), found 1 patch 2013-09-23 02:20:28 [FINE] [ForgeModLoader] Successfully applied runtime patches for net.minecraft.client.
  4. Testing my mods with Minecraft 1.6.4, Forge, FML After running the game for a while, it locks up for several seconds. It will proceed, often a single frame, then again lock up for several seconds. Debug Screen shows Used Memory is 30% or less. Allocated Memory is 35%. The Launcher Development Console has the following message: Client> 2013-09-23 02:30:21 [sEVERE] [Minecraft-Client] ########## GL ERROR ########## Client> 2013-09-23 02:30:21 [sEVERE] [Minecraft-Client] @ Post render Client> 2013-09-23 02:30:21 [sEVERE] [Minecraft-Client] 1285: Out of m
  5. I have a mod that requires an update whenever the player changes the client setting for fancyGraphics. I could perform the update whenever any game setting is changed. What hook is available? Is there something on the event bus? A direct hook? Thanks
  6. Ok. Now where do I put my textures, so they work in Eclipse? With 1.5.2 I had to add them to /jars/bin/minecraft.jar and within that /mods/mymodname/textures/blocks for blocks. Where do they go now?
  7. Tried a few more variations. Always when I run forge/install.cmd it produces a text window with messages indicating it's working, but the files just aren't there. No 'src' folder, nothing. I can run MCP separately, but the eclipse folder has sub-folders for Client and Server. These become projects when I run Eclipse. I tried MCP 8.02 because docs/README-MCP.TXT form MCP 8.04 claimed it was 8.02 for Minecraft 1.6.1. I guess the MCP team hasn't updated that README yet. I noticed the console message when running forge/install.cmd claimed it downloaded MCP 8.03. So many versions. But nothing works
  8. I did. In couldn't figure out what was missing until I downloaded MCP separately. It had useful error messages. Then ran installation for Forge. Downloaded today. So MCP 8.04 and Forge 1.6.2 9.10.0 build 776. It runs in Eclipse, without my mods. But rather than one project for Minecraft with multiple packages, it has separate projects for Client and Server. The source appears to be duplicated. And Forge isn't in there at all. For 1.5.2 the folders in Windows had: src minecraft cpw ibxm net paulscode now for 1.6.2 the folders are: src minecraft
  9. Ok, I don't know where to start. I finally got MCP and Forge to installed. It's 1.6.2 now, so my mod will jump from 1.5.2 to 1.6.2. But the source folder/directory structure is completely different! Client and Server are separate. And Forge isn't even in the 'src' folder. Forge source appears to be in the 'forge' folder. Does this screw up the "Side" annotation? Where do I drop the source folders for my mods? Help. Thanks.
  10. My understanding is overriding a block ID with the same ID causes Minecraft to crash.
  11. Every time I've asked for something, you've pointed out I can do it with existing features. Fine, using existing features is preferable. I only come here after I've exhausted everything. This time I don't think there's an easy alternative, but if you know one then please be gentle. I need a call-back for the furnace. My mod requires smelting ore produces an effect: certain ores produce toxic gas. What I did was replace the furnace with a new one that extends BlockFurnace. It has exactly the same texture, exactly the same functions. It works exactly the same, except the gas. To do this and
  12. I have a problem. With my mods loaded, when I harvest an item, it will replace footwear (boots). It doesn't produce the "pop" sound that MC normally plays when picking up an item. If the item drops to the ground then I approach, it picks up correctly. This problem only occurs if the item flies direct from where it's harvested to the player. For example, using an empty hand to destroy a cocoa pod on a jungle tree to release cocoa beans. One bean will replace my boots, and my boots disappear. Since footwear does not stack, I only get one cocoa bean. The same happens when harvesting wheat, or pot
  13. I have the same problem with my mods. I have a dedicated server running on Linux, but develop on Windows. I can run single-player in Eclipse with all my mods. I can install my mods in Minecraft and run the client in single-player, with any or all my mods. I can install any one of my mods on the server. However, if I install more than one mod on the server, I get item discrepencies. Just to be clear, I wrote my mods to require both client and server modification, so installed mods have to match. But again, if I have more than one installed, I get item discrepencies as soon as I try to connect t
  14. Ok, now the error is: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: bdg java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: bdg To ensure I didn't modify any Minecraft base class, I took a fresh copy of Minecraft, both client and server, re-installed Forge, rebuilt the project in Eclipse, recompiled with MCP's batch script, and ran the script reobfuscate. When I install the .zip file on my server, I renamed it to .jar, but when I start the server I get exactly the same error.
  15. ... and the error is? java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: package/Class java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: package.Class Replace "package" with my package name. And this pair of errors is repeated by an interface that this class implements. Replace "Class" with my class name. It's the first custom class called in my mod. As a point of trivia, the interface is in the other mod. Oh, wait... Is that why it can't find it?
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