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  1. I have succeed by saving length of original velocity and setting damage when arrow hit something to arrow's base damage multiplied by saved length
  2. Hello, I have made enchantment that accelerates arrow fired by crossbow, but not only this increases speed, this also increases damage, I want it to have the same damage as before, how can i make damage the same? What i'm doing is when firing arrow, detect it using EntityJoinWorld event and changing its velocity if(enchants.containsKey(TCombatEnchants.SNIPE.get())){ double damage = abstractArrowEntity.getBaseDamage(); Vector3d vector3d1 = shooter.getUpVector(1.0F); Quaternion quaternion = new Quaternion(new Vector3f(vector3d1), 0, true); Vector3d vector3d = shooter.getViewVector(1.0F); Vector3f vector3f = new Vector3f(vector3d); vector3f.transform(quaternion); Vector3d originalVector = abstractArrowEntity.getDeltaMovement(); double length = originalVector.length() * 10; abstractArrowEntity.setDeltaMovement(vector3f.x()*length, vector3f.y()*length, vector3f.z()*length); abstractArrowEntity.hurtMarked = true; abstractArrowEntity.setBaseDamage(damage); } Edit:I have solved it by saving length of original velocity and setting damage when it hit entity to its base damage multiplied by saved length
  3. I'm trying to make entity that has model of block and has size of block. I was able to make it rendered with model of block, but i cannot get bounding box of block model. I tried getting quads of model, and getting minimal/maximum int values from its vertex datas that is int array, but i have trouble getting quads from block model BlockRendererDispatcher blockrendererdispatcher = Minecraft.getInstance().getBlockRendererDispatcher(); List<BakedQuad> quads = blockrendererdispatcher.getModelForState(block).getQuads(block, null, new Random(), EmptyModelData.INSTANCE); The List<BakedQuad> is empty after this operation. passing non-null direction instead of null while using getQuads method make it return non-empty list, but doesn't it make it only return quads of the specific side? Also, i'm not sure i'm doing this right the way, "entity that has size of block", means entity that has minimal size required to wrap unrotated model of block
  4. well, this could be a silly question, but I want to know how efficient forge is, as many people know, installing forge makes Minecraft loading(Mojang logo on white screen) longer, even if no mods are installed. I also want to know how efficient mods are.
  5. Oh, I see I changed settings and it works good Thanks!
  6. They were already not delegated with Intellij
  7. have you ever met someone who had same problem as me?
  8. That's... strange is anything outdated? i use gradle 4.7 on IntelliJ IDEA Forge version is MCP is 9.42
  9. Sorry for asking about a problem even it's asked many times so I read "Common issues and recommendations" but my problem didn't solve Log: https://pastebin.com/dau4emFz repo: https://github.com/tmvkrpxl0/-1.12-1.12.2-Inhanced-Tesla-Coil tutorial i followed: https://cubicoder.github.io/tutorials/1-12-2/tutorials/
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