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  1. So it's like forge does with bucket. Thanks again. It's important for me to understand why is it(abstract it, including all) working
  2. So is there something for what ObjectHolder will be better practice?
  3. When I was coding I had quite same issue, but I saw there was a bunch of new methods just like previosX, chunkPosX and the sames(names of fields are about right, but that's not 100%). I started working on other things so I didn't finished with pos, but these methods from up above may do something samish
  4. Hm, okey. So this event "does it" instead of you? Didn't realize that. Seems McJTY tut's are a little bit outdated(or maybe he did that in last episodes which I didn't watched yet). Seems like if I do all work like this, I have no need for ModBlocks class. Thank you very much!
  5. Here is the same issue. Is there a way to recreate the world to check if it has something corrupted in?
  6. It looks like you have different mods or mod versions(forge maybe too)
  7. Can you provide more information? Is it just opening window where wroten that it's incompatible with windows 10 or?..
  8. I think I understand what you mean. When I will be adding new blocks I'll do it like you said. Also do you know why in Tab items like saving theirs position from previos entrance? Also I just did generator way you said(I think, but not sure). In ModBlocks class I have @ObjectHolder(MOD_ID + ":generator") public static Block generator; In main class I have /*Block register event*/ ModBlocks.generator = new Generator("generator", 1, 4, 4); e.getRegistry().register(ModBlocks.generator); /*Item register event*/ e.getRegistry().register(new BlockItem(ModBlocks.generator, properties).setRegistryName(MOD_ID, "generator")); Am I doing it right?
  9. With my knowledge I think it would be impossible to do or almost crappy-codded with saving dimension on entering in another file and then using item you mentiod mod starts checking every line of chunk you in and rewriting it to saved. It would be very FPS-issued. But again, that's with my knowledge, maybe I'm not right and somebody could do trick like this
  10. from forge changelog: Build 2779: mezz: Improve reflection helper methods (#4853) Install version after it, may be latest
  11. I couldn't find nothing about it in it source. Reinstalling didn't helped, did it?
  12. Hmm... Another mod that causes this might be InstantUnify, but I'm not sure. Problem you experiencing I experienced too with Better With Mods and Reskillable I entered the world(nope, just screen of dirt blocks) and than in 10 minutes it crashed. Mods might override the same rules. If it's not InstantUnify I suggest you find out what the mod pair causing this. Just remove mods in packs of 3-5 mods and try again. When you find what's causing make an issue page on both mods
  13. Try to reinstall it, or check on everything's installed(Java, Minecraft). I'm not 100% sure but it says that it closes after starting loading settings. Also I don't think it's Chunk Animator, I even don't think it is some other mod
  14. Ough... I made it. I totally rewrote system to enums. It's amazing and both tiringly experience. But I want to know if it don't broke some features in future so it would be very pleasure if you could check if there is errors. Curently I'm using basic HiER and MaterialType classes, no ModBlocks/Items. Also, I get this in my Creative Tab(check image below). I saw somewhere that is how Forge works Block - Item - Blocks - Item, but maybe not? Also, in respond I don't know I was going through tutorials and there McJTY said it is for future. I want to do all the works with basic blocks and items in right way immediatly so here I am. Also what you said about static and #14 means if I add blocks I shouldn't make them static like "public static Block copper_ore;"? Sorry for that question, I need more practice in English to understand some sentences first time... If it is, the problem is that you actually gets memory for that blocks when you calling proper methods so making those blocks static only use more memory, does it? Anyway, thanks
  15. I already droped it, just uploaded a commit cause things changed a little. Also I didn't have moved to enums yet. I want, but I learning deeps now) https://github.com/ScarlettShooter/hier I'm in process of making code better, so you can see something that have no use now, I'm working only in ModItems now
  16. Also, I think I use this theme for questions. What is the best way to store blocks\items to array? I want to try making registration in loop to not spam cause I think it's not the best way to do it(check down). And it's not even item registration or other blocks, only ores... e.getRegistry().register(new ModBlocks().tin_ore); e.getRegistry().register(new ModBlocks().aluminium_ore); e.getRegistry().register(new ModBlocks().silver_ore); e.getRegistry().register(new ModBlocks().zinc_ore); e.getRegistry().register(new ModBlocks().chrome_ore); e.getRegistry().register(new ModBlocks().lead_ore); e.getRegistry().register(new ModBlocks().platinum_ore); e.getRegistry().register(new ModBlocks().titanium_ore); e.getRegistry().register(new ModBlocks().nickel_ore);
  17. Also, if you don't believe someone don't jump to conclusion only because of what you saw first. I remember EvilMinecraft, ModLoader and Super Hostile's Map. I Tree Puncher only because I forgot my previos login so I made new account to get help with modding I have nothing to you, just noted here it because of my "terrible English" and not sure my msg have right intonation -_(+-+)_-
  18. Like I said nope, it's not my native. You shouldnt't, you can't trust anybody even if they try to help you(I can't put jokes in non-native yet, srry), but like I said they try to help you There might be conflicts between some options that are configured through their config file. E.g Better With Mods conflicts with Minestrappolation 5 because they both overrides Llama drop and you can disable that through config
  19. Isn't maxUses that you exactly mean? I used some other's mod sources to understand how it works
  20. I did something, now learning on code optimization and then I want to add example ore blocks through Enum. An I doing it right? Would be very thankfull if you help https://github.com/ScarlettShooter/hier/blob/master/src/main/java/com/scrl0/hier/utility/MaterialType.java
  21. Did you tried only IronChest/ShulkerBox(without Crayfish's Mod and Optifine)? If didn't, try. Also, don't forget to delete config folder in .minecraft
  22. Nope, but trying to speak less shitty. It doesn't work, does it?)
  23. I'm not too new and not too old in modding. I remember I saw using Enum for making same tools but with different materials, adn I think it's easier to make one Enum with all COPPER, TIN and etc than adding it manually, but I haven't saw a lot mods for 1.15.1[1.14.4] so is it still working, and maybe you can help me understand it?
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