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  1. [SOLVED] OMFGOOOOOOOOOOOSH ok im kinda pissed LITERALLY just needed to change to and do the same for the material refrence. Cant believe ive spent 2 days for this. OUCH
  2. Due to my terrible debugging, ive been totally mis-diagnosing the problem, turns out: ^is actually working perfectly. Or at least returns true. Implying bed atlas is running. However is still giving me a null texture. Am i missing something super obvious? For clarification my packages go assets.progressionmod.textures.entity.sleeping_bag.png. Is it possible my texture is actually being referenced but just looks like looks like the null texture. how would i check for this?
  3. Turns out if(event.getMap().getTextureLocation().equals(Atlases.BED_ATLAS)){ never gets passed. Atlases.BED_ATLAS doesnt seem to be part controlled by the event. neither is AtlasTexture.LOCATION_BLOCK_TEXTURE . Only AtlasTexture.LOCATION_PARTICLE_TEXTURE gets passed. Although that wont work for me since im not making a particle. Im honestly stuck and a bit confused, I expected TextureStitchEvent.Pre to work on all Atlases or least the block one (which i constantly see used here in the form) ill keep looking to see if im missing something.
  4. Im asking because the code technically works, but texture doesn't seem to working. There might be another problem. For context, Atlases.BED_ATLAS is not made by me and i havent modified it in any way.
  5. i already did. and ive posted the solution.
  6. Figured it out. Needed to put this function into my TileEntity class. @Override public void onDataPacket(NetworkManager net, SUpdateTileEntityPacket pkt){ CompoundNBT tag = pkt.getNbtCompound(); read(tag); } the read() command is only called for vinilla TileEntities, instead the onDataPacket() function is called.
  7. Did you by any chance get your client synchronization to work, im having the exact problem.
  8. Im creating a Campfire clone (with altered and added functionality). when i put meat in the campfire the data is stored, but the meat only appears when i reload the game. The TileEntity Class, most of it is basic campfire functionality. TileEntityRenderer Ive run debugs and the results seem very weird. The TileEntity tileEntityInst passed to the renderer for no apparent reason always has an empty inventory(even if the tile entity doesnt) this fixes when the game is reloaded. I suspect the issue has something to do client data, and the getUpdatePacket() method being set up wrongly. or something, but im in the dark on the specifics of the problem/how to fix it. I know very little about packets or data storage, so a straight forward answer would be appreciated.
  9. NICE IT WORKS. the only problem no is that for some reason when i put meat on the campfire it only shows up if a reload. Ill try to figure it out.
  10. I think i got it! thaks for the help. ClientRegistry.bindTileEntityRenderer(ModTileEntityTypes.CAMPFIRE.get(),(bloop)->new ProCampfireTileEntityRenderer(bloop)); EDIT: hmm the game ran, but it doesnt seem to be working correctly, not sure if its a problem with my renderer script. or if im still registering wrong.
  11. i know about interfaces and how to use them(assuming they work the same way as c#). Do i have to add the interface to my Renderer class? But yes im in the dark about lambda time. I guess i can try to figure it out from here.
  12. Nice! the get() works. But i dont know how to reference the Function (im know missing something simple)
  13. I am aware the types are off. I guess im asking how do i get the appropiate types given my data set. Like what even is a "Function<? super TileEntityRendererDispatcher, ? extends TileEntityRenderer<? super T>>" and how do i get the TileEntityType from the "RegistryObject<TileEntityType>" is it even possible?
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