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  1. I agree. Especially as I'm not intending (though depending on how it goes I might) on releasing the mod to the public curseforge directories. It is for personal use, for a stream. So I'm perfectly fine with any method that works reliably, though I am still interested in learning how to do it properly. If I were to release it publicly, I would definitely strive to use the proper methods, so then that way, if people combine it with other mods and things, then there's a reduced chance of things interfering with each other (though compatibility is very situation-dependant) @Azaka7 than
  2. Thanks hoodzeay, but I have already tried that and other variations. The way that Recipes work, I should only have to change the "result" for it to work. Everything else is basically redundant, because if the output is nothing, then it doesn't matter what the recipe is to make nothing. 0 x 1 is always going to be 0. Lex, I apologise for getting aggressive toward the end of my post, however the main bulk of my point still stands. This issue has been brought up over 8 months ago, as seen here and for a forum that is supposed to provide help, I don't agree with such help being p
  3. So what you're saying is, that despite my gif demonstrating that forge's datapack does not work to override vanilla for 1.14.4, that it should just work anyway? And that people should stop offering suggestions because they are trying to be helpful? Which is, after all, what forums are supposed to be for. It is a public forum for people to share their personal knowledge, in an attempt to help others. They are not devs of forge, so they are just giving the best advice, based on the experience and knowledge that they have. I would rather work in 1.14.4 but honestly it's really quite f
  4. Oohhhhhhh I see. How would I check the recipe output? I haven't looked into it just yet, but if you could suggest how I might go about it, that would be a great help. Thank you for the suggestion!
  5. So I just tried that, and likewise, either it just doesn't override the recipe, or it gives me a bunch of errors in console trying to load invalid recipes @theNightBane
  6. uh... what do you mean? so like data/minecraft/recipes/wooden_axe.json { } then data/mymod/recipes/wooden_axe.json { ... "result": "minecraft:air"
  7. Thank you for the link though. It did offer me to a couple of, (evidently fruitless) suggestions to try. It may well be because I'm a few versions behind whatever the latest 1.14.4 Forge release was, as I'm using the stable release. (28.2.0 or something like that)
  8. Ah. My apologies. I guess I misinterpreted that, since it just seems like the comments left it at a "Mine worked, it's a you problem"
  9. Just to further outline why this problem is confusing me, I'm uploading a gif which demonstrates that I'm not a complete git who's just put things in the wrong place or made a typo. You can see the files on the left, and I have open the problematic "wooden_axe.json" file that as you can see in the gif, is not in fact replacing the recipe output with minecraft:air. As you can see in the gif, the three files wooden_hoe, wooden_shovel and wooden_pickaxe all correctly override the vanilla recipe. They don't work. The axe, in the same location as the three tools that have correctly emptied their re
  10. An update just to show that I have also tried the method suggested in one of the comments from the issue you linked me to. wooden_axe.json is located in src/main/resources/data/minecraft/recipes when I took this screenshot. I'm also going to try this same recipe in the forge folder, to see if it's mod ordering. I still find it unusual that wooden_pickaxe, wooden_hoe and wooden_shovel all worked perfectly the first time, when I placed them inside of forge folder. All I did was copy the vanilla recipe files, and change the result item to "minecraft:air", which imo, is all that needs to be done.
  11. Thanks for the reply, and as the post you linked me to has stated, I have indeed tried placing it inside of src/main/resources/data/minecraft/recipes after forge/recipes did not work. Which also didn't work. Even then, why does it work for pickaxe, shovel and hoe, but NOT for sword or axe?
  12. Hi, so for my mod, I want to remove all of the vanilla recipes for wooden tools, since I'm doing a bit of an overhaul to early-game. I've done some digging and seen that forge packages it's own mod so to override the recipes I came to the deduction that I need to place my custom "result": "minecraft:air" recipes into the data/forge/recipes folder in my mod. This works... for wooden_hoe.json, wooden_pickaxe.json, and wooden_shovel.json, however wooden_axe and wooden_sword recipes still work DESPITE their result being "minecraft:air". I've tripple checked spelling and everything. I then thought
  13. Is this still valid? I'm trying it with IntelliJ, and in the settings it's saying that it can't find a valid install of DCEVM... even though I just installed it. [EDIT: Nevermind, I fixed that problem... it had selected the wrong SDK directory. But it is saying that it "couldn't get dceversion of C:/.../java/jdk1.8.0_211_DCEVM" (the directory I installed it to. Basically made a copy of the JDK directory and selected that as the install location, so that I still had a clean install.) I did notice that the latest version on the DCEVM downloads page was for SDK version 1.8.0
  14. I'd like to tag in on this. I'm working with Minecraft 1.14.4 It would be interesting to know how to change the player model, and if I could create some sort of custom inventory slot, so that I could have like, a badge or something attached to the player model. I'm working on a mod as part of a team, which we are intending to create a server for, and someone came up with an idea to have little badges that Identify us as the server admins. I thought it would be cool if everyone's badge was a little different (we all have little banner signature/logos) to identify ourself. Is this
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