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  1. Yes but when proving a proof of concept you don't drive on the open road so no a license technically isn't needed as they would use a test track or heck test parts individually before assembly. And a poor example as a working car and a street legal car are different; there are concept cars, race cars, plastic cars for kids, etc. So when I am just starting to update mods to a newer version of forge and enough changed that a proof of concept test mod is advisable then no doing it perfect is not needed and instead just a waste. Yes when updating the actual mod you should I stated that above. Again all I showed was that I got it working, not hey here is this perfect thing all learn from me as I am the smart perfect person. Again I will say, it works fine how it is. And again I will say yes you should use object holders. But saying needed is wrong. If you would like to provide people with a "here is the proper way to code this" instead of an example that "works" then go ahead and post it. I have no more need of advancing this as I have learned what I needed to from it. I probably shouldn't show you how I work with blocks and items when I just need to bulk create things
  2. I mean must is a strong word when this is functional. "Should" yes probably But as a hey this worked and I'm going to optimize it after then I'll stick with yes "I got it working"
  3. Sorry for the delayed response i got busy with work. I was able to get this working, with the gap between and my other bad habit of getting frustrated and deleting code that doesnt work i do not remember exactly what i did that did not work. What i found was i had to create both a profession and a poitype and was not able to just override the poitype individually, this is probably what i was missing to be honest as the method i was using only needed the poi. Thank you for the help you guys did provide. note: The registry name for the profession uses minecraft so no new textures are needed note: Was able to just pull trade data over but had to re-register that as well note: Event subscription handled in other location but nothing special there was able to get it working with Deferred registry I was also able to get normal registry working with
  4. When I attempted with registry event I got an error that the registry was locked.
  5. Ugh. I held off as long as I could without learning deferred registry lol. Very much stuck in my ways of ye old registry. I'll learn it and test it out. Thanks for the help.
  6. Ah. When I tried that I got that it was a locked registry. Was I using the wrong one?
  7. So nothing at the moment to register villagers profession point of interests? Or just nothing for existing professions?
  8. I had this working in 1.16 but the same method doesn't seem to have the same effect. I have a new block that replaces the fletching table but this breaks the villager point of interest so no more fletchers. In 1.16 i had this field_221073_u no longer exists and, unless I don't understand, is now f_27323_ . while this does not give an error it also does not effect the villagers Is there a new method to get villagers to become an existing type with a new block?
  9. Note: I am using registry events instead of deferred registry so if someone chimes in on a difference that works better than listen to them. this method still works so i am yet to be motivated to change. I am able to replace blocks using the RegistryEvent.Register<Block>. I get the old resource location ForgeRegistries.BLOCKS.getKey(oldBlock); and set the custom block with that blocks registry location newBlock.setRegistryName(resourceLocation); ForgeRegistries.BLOCKS.register(newBlock); I also replace the Item (again i dont know if this is still needed as doing so still works so i have yet to change it)
  10. Started to update my mod to 1.16.4 and i hit a roadblock. I started my mod in 1.12 and lost my computer so my work halted, But what i had working was overriding the nether generation and putting overworld generation on top essentially replacing the bedrock layer with layers that would have hills, lava lakes, lava rivers, trees, etc...; added biomes so there would some variation. At that time i had to create a world provider and chunk generator and replace the nether world provider. Obviously this has changed to the new json format What i have working is the dimension json and the dimension type json (tested with a new dimension and then overriding the default nether), can add biomes to it. My question is with this new json system it appears the chunk generator is called from the json nether being (multi_noise). Am i going down the wrong path here or what are the proper steps. What is recommended here?
  11. I figured it out. i was registering my event bus incorrectly...
  12. Am i missing something here? I am trying to stop the player from dismounting a minecart but this doesnt seem to fire. Is their a different event i should be using? This one doesnt seem to apply to boats or horses either.
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