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  1. You have created the block, yes? Placing the block depends on how you're doing it, whether you're overriding the vanilla class just to add this functionality or if you're using the PlayerInteractEvent#RightClickBlock. Supposing you're using the latter, you check what you want, such as player is holding this item, and then getWorld() for placing the block, getPos() for the block the player is looking at, and getSide() to increment the direction so you don't just replace the block, and use World#setBlockState to place the block. Make sure to check that the block you're replacing is replaceable.
  2. Wh- Of course it's going to be serverside, that's where block placement occurs
  3. I'm not really sure what the "symptoms" are, there aren't any errors, and looking at the particle sprite data, it does seem to find the correct texture file. Putting a print statement in the tick method of the particle shows that it does run, though nothing appears in-game. Perhaps the uv coordinates are incorrect, I'm not sure. Here's the sprite data: TextureAtlasSprite{name='radiantmagic:particle/light_particle', frameCount=1, x=224, y=96, height=16, width=16, u0=0.875, u1=0.9375, v0=0.375, v1=0.4375}
  4. Trying to add a new particle, and it does retrieve the texture, though when I try to add the particle it does not render. Particle Registry LightSourceBlock
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