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  1. I do not know if this is outdated or not, but when I use sm command on a method that I have mapped SRG to MCP, it says Also, that page says to not rename anything that does not have the default SRG names. Then, is it possible to configure build.gradle in a way that ForgeGradle does not re-download and overwrite the mappings when it has different MD5?
  2. My problem with the bot is that I cannot rename already mapped names and there are missing SRG names. For example, net.minecraft.client.renderer.RenderType has func_230167_a_, func_230168_b_, func_230041_s_ and func_230169_u_ but typing um RenderType to the bot says no results found. Does this mean I can configure build.gradle in a way so that mappings are downloaded from somewhere else? I currently have modified ForgeGradle and published it to local Maven and I am using mavenLocal() instead of maven { url = 'https://files.minecraftforge.net/maven' } in buildscript of build.gradle. How about providing the mappings with the setup that uses custom mappings? Will that cause some legal issues?
  3. I would like an option that allows local mappings instead of downloading them from Forge Maven. Some SRG names do not appear on MCPBot and some names are misleading. I understand that those issues are supposed to be discussed at GitHub but I do not think that they are actually reviewed and resolved. Thus, it would be nice if I could just modify mappings locally and use them. So far, I have tried to put my mappings into zip file located in ForgeGradle's download destination. But it seems like it gets overwritten every time.
  4. Sometimes MCP mappings contains typos and misleading names, so I manually modified csv files and put them back in the current version zip file. But it keeps getting overwritten by Forge. Is it possible to use local mappings instead of downloading them from Forge Maven?
  5. I currently store my items like below. private static final DeferredRegister<Item> REGISTER = new DeferredRegister<>(ForgeRegistries.ITEMS, Mod.ID); public static final RegistryObject<Item> MY_ITEM = register("my_item", new Item(new Item.Properties())); private static RegistryObject<Item> register(String key, Item item) { return REGISTER.register(key, () -> item); } Can I use @ObjectHolder(Mod.ID) and make method register to return Item to store items as Item instead of RegistryObject<Item>? Or is use of @ObjectHolder not encouraged?
  6. When I override vanilla item, is registering it as vanilla resource location enough or do I also have to use reflection to set value in net.minecraft.item.Items?
  7. TestStructures is not used anywhere in your project. I see that you register your JigsawPiece under VillagerInit#init. It seems like you added PlainsVillagePools.init();. Did it fix your issue and were you able to add structures to vanilla villages?
  8. I am also trying to add structures to vanilla villages. If you succeeded, could you please share how you achieved it?
  9. So far, I have found out that I need to register my NBT files using JigsawPatternRegistry to generate structures. And I can use jigsaw block to spawn entity. I have registered my structures using coremod to call my PlainsVillagePools#init instead of vanilla one but I feel like there is a way to do it without using coremod. Also, how do I make my structures are generated only one per village with probability?
  10. I want to add a structure to vanilla villages where custom villager will be spawned in. I know I should ask questions after I have tried something but I absolutely have no ideas where and how to begin with. I would really appreciate some helps regarding things below. I want a custom villager who does not trade but open a GUI when right clicked. I believe I should use EntityInteract or override openMerchantContainer to open the GUI instead of trade. Then, how can I prevent the villager from getting profession and make it use one texture regardless of biomes? I want to add a custom structure to all biomes villages. I might create different structures for different biomes but for now, I just want one structure regardless of biomes. Do I just add nbt files under data/minecraft/structures/village or are there more steps I should take? Is it possible to set in which structure the villager is going to spawn? For example, if I do not want the structure to spawn all the time (which I also want to know how to set probability), I also do not want the villager to spawn without the structure. If setting probability is not possible, i just want the villager to spawn in the structure. It is okay to move around in the village, but I want the initial spawn to be the structure. Instead answering all questions, providing me with mod that achieves the same would also help.
  11. I also have considered that but I wanted to use exact values that were used before 1.9 and I do not know how should I change those values to fit in JSON.
  12. I am trying to recreate sword blocking and it requires me to modify renderItemInFirstPerson method which is private.
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