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  1. Is there no way to workaround? Moving out of a twitch instance into a separate one possibly? Or is it a required library they are hosting?
  2. I believe my issue is similar, but I have up to date Java 8? Couldn't download https://modloaders.forgecdn.net/647622546/maven/net/minecraftforge/coremods/0.6.3-milestone.0.2+e9179e4/coremods-0.6.3-milestone.0.2+e9179e4.jar for job 'Version & Libraries' java.lang.RuntimeException: Server responded with 403
  3. Can't believe its been this long since Notch sold Minecraft.. crazy Coming up on four years now
  4. Excellent! I was looking at FML being updated (well, its obviously going to be buggy still..) and that made me wanna check in here and see how its going! Most interestingly is the promise of 1.8's multithreading support... How well is that going to work? The biggest strength of Bukkit's was its multithreading (in my opinion) and that's why we needed it for big servers.. In theory, a Forge server will run a ton smoother without the need for something like Bukkit / Sponge (though I still am excited for Sponge, hopefully it pans out..) Anyways, I just wanted to put a feeler
  5. That document is locked down for too much traffic, says Google when I clicked on it.. Might wanna stick to the forums...
  6. Okay Lex wants an organized FAQ from us fans... I'll start it, and I'll edit the post with any popular questions and add in LexManos's answers as he gives them! Mod edit: I will make this very clear. Keep all posts CIVIL. No mud throwing. This thread will be watched by me (and the other mods, maybe?). Questions for the Forge Team / LexManos Regardless of how this all shakes out... We love you Minecraft Forge team, you have made playing Minecraft with mods some of the most fun I have ever had, and I speak for the whole community when I say we will miss the fun we
  7. So, I'll let me write up do the talking, I'm interested in two things here: 1. Constructive Criticism of the idea / implementation plan. 2. Suggestions / Offers of assistance, which include people who want to just add to the concept, those who might like to help code, and even someone interested in modelling/textures (I am terrible at art...) So here's my post straight off github.. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- First, the basics! This mod will be coded as a Minecraft Forge mod! This mod will be OPEN SOURCE! Let others
  8. Anyone have any other thoughts on this? I've talked about it with others on a few different forums, and the general concensus is this would be an excellent idea, and probably not terribly hard to do... Might also look into separating the /scoreboard function to possibly work on a per-dim basis as well? Could be awesome
  9. Terrafirmacraft already does this via PlayerAPI. There entities however are just re-done in a new version.. Would be better to have something that could globally scale things.. Terrafirmacraft alters health and damage so much that other mods with mobs are incompatible because of it.
  10. Over at the Mystcraft forum we have been discussing the idea of a config option that would switch gamerule options from being a global world change to an independent, per DIM basis. This would allow for some excellent options.. Mod creators could change their DIM default gamerules to suit their Dimension, and server owners could use a Mod like Mystcraft to setup an arena dimension say, or such.. Would be awesome. Included should definitely be the PvP-enable rule independence also, so you could have a warzone DIM. Do tell if this sounds good to you, post your support if you would like, th
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