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  1. I want to use the onBlockActivated() method yet IntelliJ does not see it. I tried gradlew clean and gradlew --refresh-dependencies as well as re-installing IntelliJ. Nothing helped.
  2. Thank You, although that didn't help, after trial and error the server finally launched, I think while the Java version I installed was correct, the installation has gone wrong and it didn't work. After continuous re-installs, it finally worked. Thank You a whole lot for Your help.
  3. Question, does forge use the System Variable JAVA_HOME, because even after changing those it still seems to use Java 14.
  4. Tried that too... Didn't help, checked with "java -version"(was set to 8), one of the .bat files also had a check for Java 8, and it did not pick up that java version.
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