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  1. Ok my bad English isn't my first language. Ok so this was workaround Can you elaborate how could I detect a specific map ?
  2. So I have been making a map for it I need custom behaviours and custom blocks and entities. But is there any way in forge framework to enable the mod to run only one with that map ,certainly because I don't want my custom items and entities to appear in other map's inventory.
  3. Guys it was a small mistake in blockstate file i was extering 'Y' instead of 'y' that was causing problem ,now it's fixed. but there is one more thing i want to ask. see this image: You can see my block is rotating as i have created a semicircle but the problem now is if i want to rotate the block in such a way that a full circle can be made with it in above image. is there any way to do it or is there any vanilla block with this behaviour so i can copy its block state file .
  4. No, it doesnt change ,it is same no matter from wherever direction i place I have specified it in blockstate file .here see it { "variants":{ "facing=north": {"model": "hogwarts:block/half"}, "facing=south": { "model":"hogwarts:block/half", "Y" : 180}, "facing=west": { "model":"hogwarts:block/half", "Y" : 270}, "facing=east": { "model":"hogwarts:block/half", "Y" : 90} } } Now i cant undertand what do you mean by debug screen ?
  5. I created a custom model in blockbench and followed a tutorial on rotating the block to my face while placing but still it is not rotating to my face . My code is public class Half extends Block { private static final DirectionProperty FACING = HorizontalBlock.HORIZONTAL_FACING; private static final SoundType RS = SoundType.STONE; public Half() { super(Block.Properties.create(Material.IRON).harvestTool(ToolType.PICKAXE).harvestLevel(2).lightValue(15).hardnessAndResistance(2.0f, 2.0f).sound(RS)); } @Override public BlockState getStateForPlacement(BlockItemUseContex
  6. So i looked into vanilla slabs and did the same as vanilla ones and extended SlabBlock class and it worked .Thank you sir
  7. So I was creating something and I needed a custom slab for that thing .I just know how create items and blocks. But I suppose slabs will not be like block because it have various variants.i need help on how to create it. Please give some explanation also I am new
  8. Hey guys i created this texture which i dont know if looks like dirt or carpet.Give me some suggestions regarding if it looks like to you dirt or carpet?
  9. I will fix it .Actually my brain was cooked up. I did it for testing because i thought it would not work. and i mistakenly reported your comment by seeing report post as reply to this post..
  10. thank You guys. I figured out and create my material. Bascially what i did was created a new class for my new material and implemented IItemTier and then did like the vanilla code. here is my code ===> public enum ToolMaterial implements IItemTier{ RUBY(3, 1000, 5.0f, 9.0f, 10, () -> { return Ingredient.fromItems(ModItems.RUBY.get()); }); private final int A; private final int B; private final float C; private final float D; private final int E; private final LazyValue<Ingredient> f; private ToolMaterial(int i, int j, float f
  11. But IItemTier is an interface.It isn't a class.How am i supposed to pass an instance of it.I could only implement it. Sorry if i asked some foolish thing,i just have knowledge of basic core java.
  12. So isn't there any functionality like Enumhelper that would reduce the code. So what should i do?
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