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  1. Still struggling. Any help would be hugely appreciated. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/61447264/include-compile-dependencies-when-building-with-shadowjar
  2. Scratch that. The library com.corundumstudio.socketio includes org.apache references in pom.xml and works without any issues. Just cannot figure this one out. Edit: Getting closer I think. Looks like files prefixed with javax are skipped.
  3. This post (and your reply specifically) seems very relevant as fmDNS uses org.apache libs. The hack isn't working with 1.15.2 but I'm keen to figure out a way of doing this using transformation anyway.
  4. @diesieben07 I know it's cheeky of me to tag you directly, but I know you're experienced in dependency management. Would you mind taking a look at this when you get a moment?
  5. Please can you provide an example of how to use the reobf task directly? Scouring the internet and there's only info on repacking using deprecated info.
  6. Also experiencing this issue.
  7. Hello, I've carefully followed the ForgeGradle dependency documentation as I need to embed a few dependencies in my project. Most of these dependencies are loading and can be used as expected, but one is throwing java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError when I try to make use of the library. I can see that the library has been embedded in the jar file, but the mod crashes when I try to access the library. I'd really appreciate any help working around this. Here is my build.gradle: Here is the fairly typical crash log:
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