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  1. ohh maybe i really didn't use gradle build without this check, since it works now then thanks ?
  2. I removed this part and tried to repeat this issue, but seems like everything is working. That time i got this:crash-2020-05-11_21.37.49-server.txt
  3. I got this exception when bat suffocated maybe because of gravel. Blocks dont have this method, but living entities do. But ok let's say there is a problem, then why it works properly when compiled?
  4. Sometimes it crashed the game with NoSuchMethodException when the src didn't have the method getTrueSource, for example when entity was killed by a block.
  5. Just nothing happens. When I run compiled minecraft, it applies potion effect whenever a player kills a mob. With jar it stands still.
  6. I did a small mod for testing with one simple event h andler. It works* until i build it to jar (with gradlew build) and put it in folder. This is what the build outputs:build.txt The mod itself: https://github.com/satyd/TestMod1 *I have no problems/bugs when i compile it, everything works how it supposed to do. Can someone help me, what i did wrong?
  7. Ok, then idk which type of problem do i have. My mod works properly when i compile it in eclipse, but doesn't work when i create jar with "gradlew build". In build.gradle i have this, but eclipse launches 1.15.2 version when i tried to change to 20200414-1.15.2 i got this: What am i doing wrong and what i have to do?
  8. I downloaded the latest forge MDK, but when i type gradlew genEclipseRuns i see this: forge:1.15.2-31.1.77_mapped_snapshot_20200225-1.15.1 It turns out, whenever forge builds a new project it uses gradle version 4.10.3 instead of 5, how do i fix this?
  9. public class myEvents { @SubscribeEvent public void DeathPotion(LivingDeathEvent event){ DamageSource src=null; if(event.getSource()!=null) src=event.getSource(); if(src!=null) { if(src.getTrueSource() instanceof PlayerEntity) { LivingEntity entity=(LivingEntity) src.getTrueSource(); int n=13; int random=(int) (Math.random()*n); EffectInstance killer; switch(random) { case 0:
  10. 1) What do you mean reusing? Every time event happens i create new variables pick the player and apply the effect. 2) I also tried to call addPotionEffect directly in switch cases without any unnecessary variables and got the same issue.
  11. I have an eventlistener which applies random potion effects to the player, but it works properly until player is dead. After player respawns function applies only specific and non-instant effects, so i have to restart the game to have the function work properly again. Here's the code: EffectInstance effect; switch(*random n*) {case *random n*: effect=Potions.*Potion_Name*.getEffects().get(0);} LivingEntity entity=(LivingEntity) src.getTrueSource(); entity.addPotionEffect(effect) //or entity.addPotionEffect(effect.getEffectInstance()); it
  12. Seems like everything is working, thank you kind stranger! Didn't know that ?
  13. Good evening. Trying to start some modding for 1.15 and got stuck with this issue (for 31.1.0+ forge): This never ends. Checked java_home, points to actual jdk 8, previously worked with 1.12 a bit and it was working. Maybe the problem is in switching versions, i really dont know. Maybe someone got the same problem/knows the solution? p.s. text for search indexation (genEclipseRuns > Resolve dependencies of :runtimeClasspath , genEclipseRuns Resolve dependencies of runtimeClasspath )
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