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  1. I am missing these files( forge-1.12.2- forge-1.12.2- To hell with hiding the version name)
  2. And if I click on these links (which should be downloaded), I get a 404, there is no file, so that's the problem, the files on your servers (Or who is doing it there) are not)
  3. Because You are not supported, in development, not relevant, and so on, so there is no choice)
  4. ...\"project"\build\tmp\expandedArchives\forge-*orge\fml\common\patcher\ClassPatchManager.java:33: error: cannot find symbol import java.util.jar.Pack200; ^ symbol: class Pack200 location: package java.util.jar Now something new)
  5. I tried it, but it didn't help( But I'll risk it again!)
  6. Use the similarity of OOP (Object-oriented programming)... Simply put, create a class in which everything is described, and then call this class, in C++ it is so practiced, in Java in fact, the same can be done )
  7. The translator is stupid) I mean that I did, and It gives the same error in the screenshot shown above...
  8. To mrat! I do so, even without the command, only this "Gardle" was imported, and he at least that...
  9. Hush, hush))) I can wait ;;) I do not know that You have everything in order there, but can you describe the steps for launching this file?)
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