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  1. I would like to change the maximum stack size for certain blocks. Is it possible to do this? I haven't found a way.
  2. I am having a problem with worldedit and the axe; the ax won't select but instead only breaks blocks. I have used worldedit before on a 1.2.5 regular bukkit server, and it works there, but not in bukkitforge. I have the portalgun mod installed. My in game name is Pokechu22, the numbers may be the source, but I'm not sure. Try this link, Jenkins may be confusing to find the actual link: http://build.technicpack.net:8080/job/BukkitForge/lastStableBuild/artifact/build/dist/BukkitForge-latest.jar (This is the build 234 link, it is the official download and I hope that posting it isn't against any of the rules)
  3. I'm pretty sure that this will be done by Minecraft in 1.5, support for ids over 128 was added in a snapshot. So no hook is needed.
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