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  1. I've got working custom model armors working thanks to ChampionAsh's guide on Github, but I was wondering if there is a way to replace say a diamond chestplate model with a custom model if the damage value is 800. Similarly to how a resource pack would change the model of an item at a certain damage value. Not sure if I'm being blind and looking over something obvious so a point in the right direction would be nice, armor models have been a bit overwhelming so far.
  2. Exactly what I was looking for, I will keep the ForgeIngameGui in mind for in the future, I had only been looking at the vanilla InGameGui
  3. So I've made my own custom scoreboard that I want to display, formatted slightly different and in a new position, however I can't seem to get the default scoreboard to just not render. I thought it would be as simple as disabling it in the RenderGameOverlayEvent.Pre but I can't seem to find any element that will disable it. I thought it would have been TEXT, but I can't seem to find anything that element actually does.
  4. Exactly what i was looking for, thank you! I should take some time and learn more about what GLFW can do, until now I only used it for keybindings
  5. As the title questions, is it possible to set the mouse position when the player opens a InventoryScreen. I've looked through InventoryScreen, ContainerScreen and Screen and everything dealing with the mouse seems to have mouse coords passed in. I checked MouseHelper and from what I can tell that doesnt seem to work with the inventory screens. I have moved the positioning of the player inventory, so now there is a significant gap between the items and where the mouse appears. My question here is if it is possible to move the mouse cursor or set its default spot in the window when the mouse is called for, or is that handled by the OS and the client simply reads those inputs?
  6. Can I ask why you set the BACKGROUND_LOCATIONS at the end? Also not sure if its helpful or not but the first screenshot in the controls menu is rendering the default "textures/gui/icons.png" texture in the background, which oddly enough is the file next to the BACKGROUND_LOCATIONS(textures/gui/options_background.png") file alphabetically in the default resources. They are also both declared as finals in AbstractGui. In the second controls menu the rendered background looks like it could possiblly be the STATS_ICON_LOCATION resource from AbstracGui as well
  7. Just wanted to update here and say that today I did give this a go just to see, and after changing the windowX, width, framebufferWidth and scaledWidth values in MainWindow with reflection it does seem to generate the effect i was looking for with no noticeable side effects, however it all reverts back on any window size updates. For example dragging the window, minimizing, or maximizing. I looked through and I'm not seeing an event handler for size update, which i couldnt really see a need for one other than this specific case, but I do see MainWindow has an onWindowSizeUpdate method. Is there some way I could use that to my advantage that I'm not aware of.
  8. If you don't think its possible then that is something I am ok with and the conclusion I was coming to myself and just wanted confirmation from someone else with more experience working with forge. I do currently already have everything displayed on screen, however I was looking to do another optional view. If youve played Runescape before think of the way the inventory and map is rendered in comparison to the game in the "fixed screen" option as this mod is for a runescape themed server. I know I could achieve a similar effect by just rendering the opaque overlay on the right and moving the scoreboard location, however this would have put the reticle and player hands off centered. However since it is not a prominent "make or break" feature I will for now put it on the back burner or scrap completely. I really appreciate your help!
  9. Not really f3 like. Say on a 1080p screen the window is maximized, I want the window to be the full 1920 wide, but the game to only render say 1700 wide leaving a 220pixel wide black space on the right to put a full 1080x220 opaque overlay to display certain information for the server the mod is made for without actually covering any of the minecraft screen, like the scoreboard that is on the right.
  10. I'm fairly new to minecraft modding and I'm just curious if there is a way to make it so the game screen is rendered smaller than the actual window. For example it would render so that there would be a black bar on the side of the game screen and if it would be possible to render a custom hud overlaying information in that empty space so that its not actually over the minecraft screen. I've looked through the vanilla minecraft classes on how it renders the game, specifically I've looked through the ScreenSize, OverlayRenderer and GameRenderer classes which are giving me the feeling that its not going to be something that will be done very cleanly, but I am optomistic someone might be able to point me in the correct direction
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