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  1. Hello I am trying to find all the chest in a 15x15x15 area and then plug them into a list, to store but when I print them into console it some completely different cords. public class MessageGetItems implements IMessage<MessageGetItems> { public MessageGetItems() { } @Override public void encode(MessageGetItems message, PacketBuffer buffer) { } @Override public MessageGetItems decode(PacketBuffer buffer) { return new MessageGetItems(); } @Override public void handle(MessageGetItems message, Supplier<NetworkEvent.Context> supplier)
  2. I was playing around with config files and when I clicked on my mod in mod options it crashed. This is the report: [12:57:43] [main/FATAL] [ne.mi.fo.la.MavenVersionAdapter/]: Failed to parse version spec [1.15.2,1.6] org.apache.maven.artifact.versioning.InvalidVersionSpecificationException: Range defies version ordering: [1.15.2,1.6] at org.apache.maven.artifact.versioning.VersionRange.parseRestriction(VersionRange.java:232) ~[maven-artifact-3.6.3.jar:3.6.3] {} at org.apache.maven.artifact.versioning.VersionRange.createFromVersionSpec(VersionRange.java:145) ~[maven-arti
  3. But then it renders all the mc widgets in one space in the escape menu and it makes it unable to type by changing the text
  4. I thought I had to rebind the texture
  5. Does anyone have any code I could look at.
  6. Do something like this for AimGun: Change event to TickEvent.PlayerTickEvent Use event.player to get player and get capability like this: @SubscribeEvent public static void tick(TickEvent.PlayerTickEvent event) { [YourIinterface] data = event.player.getCapability(ProviderGunActions.GUN_ACTIONS_CAP).orElseThrow(IllegalStateException::new); }
  7. This is how I add a item to a slot but you could reverse it. https://github.com/Syconn/Syconn-Star-Wars-Mod/blob/master/src/main/java/mod/syconn/starwars/network/message/MessageCraftLightsaber.java
  8. Can we see your PacketUpgrader class.
  9. Try doing some like this: YourInterface data = armour.getCapability(SlottedArmorProvider.ARMOR_CAPABILITY).orElseThrow(IllegalStateException::new);
  10. I have been working on a custom overlay for my mod. It looks like this: but when I open the escape menu it looks like this: My code is this: @OnlyIn(value = Dist.CLIENT) public class ForcePowersOverlay { private Minecraft minecraft; private static final ResourceLocation tex = new ResourceLocation(Reference.MOD_ID, "textures/gui/mod_widgets.png"); public ForcePowersOverlay() { minecraft = Minecraft.getInstance(); } @SubscribeEvent public void renderOverlay(RenderGameOverlayEvent.Post event) { if(event.getT
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