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  1. A block should never be bigger than the standard 16x16x16 size. If you need something bigger than that you should split it into several different blocks (like how tall grass does it).
  2. You need to add this field to the model json file of your block "render_type": "minecraft:cutout" or "render_type": "minecraft:translucent" depending on if if those parts are semi-transparent or fully transparent.
  3. Hmm, I don't see any problems with the code. You could try debugging and put breakpoints in saveNBTData() and loadNBTData() to see make sure that the methods are called and that the code in the methods works as expected.
  4. Can you post the code for your capability provider? Also, you can use NbtUtils.writeBlockPos()/readBlockPos() to more easily write/read BlockPos to/from NBT.
  5. The collision in this case is calculated using ProjectileUtil.getHitResult() which uses a slightly different bounding box than the bounding box of the projectile. But that bounding box should be bigger so should not be a problem. Your best bet might be to try and place some breakpoints and step throught the code to try and figure out why the collision does not work.
  6. You are unlikely to get a reply, since jadend has not been online in almost a year. But you can look at the vanilla Monster class to see how updateSwingTime() should be called.
  7. This is not possible. Modded registries are intentionally fired after vanilla ones.
  8. You can access the player on the client with 'Minecraft.getInstance().player'
  9. Looks like you are missing the blockstate json file for the fabricatormk1.
  10. Can you post what you tried? Then I can perhaps point you in the right direction
  11. If you call setHealth() after you changed the attribute it should update immediately, something like this: player.setHealth(Math.min(player.getMaxHealth(), player.getHealth()));
  12. You can use the Random object from LootContext.getRandom() to determine how many items should be added to the loot.
  13. The code works when I try it. From where are you calling it?
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