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  1. This question came up recent in another post, I think you can find the answer there:
  2. Sure! You need to create your own BlockEntityRenderer and render the item, and then register the BlockEntityRenderer to your block in the EntityRenderersEvent.RegisterRenderers event
  3. Yes, I would say a custom network message is the best way to do this (at least to my knowledge)
  4. The registry name should be all lowercase, so "item" and not "Item"!
  5. I think specifying "render_type": "minecraft:cutout" in the model json should fix the issues!
  6. Looks like you need to specify "gui_light": "front" outside of the "base" object.
  7. First you need to create the model, for example with Blockbench, and then you need to export it as a java file. Then you need to implement IClientItemExtensions.getHumanoidArmorModel() to return your custom model, and Item.initializeClient() to provide you custom IClientItemExtensions.
  8. In the class ModEventBusEvents you are registering a recipe type using a vanilla registry! You should instead use the Forge registry, ForgeRegistries.RECIPE_TYPES, similar to how you register block and items. Also, looks like you missed an 's' in 'foodstuffs' in the smoked_steak.json file
  9. Try adding a call to '.noOcclusion()' on the BlockBehaviour.Properties when you create the block.
  10. You should use the Forge registry when registering features. You can read more about how to do it here.
  11. Looks like your modid is "mymod", but you specified it as "warmod_perekur" in the sounds file!
  12. You also have to take item enchantability into account: https://minecraft.fandom.com/wiki/Enchanting_mechanics#Enchantability
  13. You need to synch the inventory of the blockEntity to the client! You can do it either with a custom packet, or by overriding relevant methods in your block entity (getUpdatePacket/onDataPacket/getUpdateTag/handleUpdateTag).
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