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  1. S E A R C H O N Y O U T U B E / G O O G L E. You will find some tutorials, so really? Dont be too lazy.
  2. I know how the modding basics/advanced works (not really advanced, just a little bit). And my last mod was in the 1.15.2 Version. Why not? Why its bad? You can override methods that you implemented, so i not see why not…
  3. So, or you do what you want because you know 100% how Forge works, or you try the solutions that the advanced people recommend you. Have you at least tried? If not, you should. The two ErrorLogs look very similar, so at least try listening to the others. If you don't understand what I'm talking about: Once again, have you really tried?
  4. Yes, pls try using the DeferredRegister. You will find a lot of questions and answers on how this works. If not: https://thebookofmodding.ml/adding-custom-blocks/ Or on YT: Now try you self.
  5. Well, okay, then. I'm glad I have to admit that I didn't know how it worked myself, thanks
  6. I found this: The one important basic rule is that you cannot distribute anything we've developed unless we've given our express permission. By "not to distribute anything we have developed," we mean this: to give copies of our game to others, to use our developments in any form for commercial purposes, to try to make money with our developments, or provide other persons with access to our developments in an unfair or inappropriate manner, Everything's still going well here. But from here on, it gets confusing: This also includes U P D A T E S (idk what Mojan mean), patches, downloa
  7. Sure Ok, thanks. And so may I also use the idea with the RedDragon? A dragon is just theoretically an idea, so you can't copyright a dragon, but I'm not really familiar with IP (Intellectual Property). So that's why I ask it here. It is the correct category, isn't it? Then I guess I know where I can score. I probably won't find the answer, but I'd better try.
  8. I wondered, too, but you never know with copyright. I would rather wait for more answers before I start my mod, just to be on the safe side. Thanks for your answer.
  9. There's something called vanilla code. That should be enough. Then, to use the onItemRightClick method, simply create a new Item class that inherits the Item class and simply override the onRightClick method. I think this information should be enough. And one more thing: I'm not saying you did it, but remember not to ask for all the code. You can ask for information, but not a whole code. Just for to say XD.
  10. Hello, this is my third post! Well, I was gonna start working on a mod, and I was thinking: Why don't I just add the mobs that the Mojang didn't add? For the one who doesn't understand what I think, he should have a look at the old minecons. Last year the goat won, that doesn't mean I can't add a frog and a vulture, does it? I ask that because I'm very afraid of copyright. With real animals this shouldn't be a problem (frog, vulture, meerkat and ostrich), but I also thought of the 3 other monsters: Mob D - The Hovering Inferno, Mob A - The Monster of the Ocean Depths and Mob C - The Gre
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