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  1. This are my current thoughts and experiments to this: I added task sourceJar(type: Jar) { classifier = 'sources' from sourceSets.main.allJava } to my build.gradle and "artifact sourceJar" to the publish Now a source jar is generated on publish. But, unlike the jar, it is not reobfed (srg) What I expect to happen is the following: 1. On publish the jar and the sources.jar get generated and reobfed (not only the jar) 2. GenEclipseRuns copies the files to .gradle\caches\forge_gradle\deobf_dependencies and mappes them. So the file is now [jar
  2. 1.16.2 changed the world gen completely, some parts are already back, but not everything is working in 1.16.2 as expected now. I stick with 1.16.1, because I use world gen too.
  3. But, restoring the source code, via decompiling will never be better then the original. If using a source.jar works, why not using it? The source.jar is just not generating. But other modders manage it to generate it on publish (example: https://dvs1.progwml6.com/files/maven/mezz/jei/jei-1.16.1/, so it is possible. The Question is just how? And the default build.gradle seems to be broken: // makeObfSourceJar = false // an Srg named sources jar is made by default. uncomment this to disable. because it is not made by default
  4. textures/items and textures/blocks still have to be renamed to textures/item and textures/block and you have to replace items with item in your model too
  5. You also have to rename models/items to models/item models/blocks to models/block textures/items to textures/item textures/blocks to textures/block
  6. By the way, I now switched from a flatDir to a maven (similar like Ommina said), because it is a bit simpler for me. And I also learned a bit new about maven and gradle. I am 99.99% sure I need the sources.jar. I already looked where eclipse found the source for minecraft and forge, it's the sources.jar. With these files my maven looks almost like the one from other mods, except the sources.jar (and sources.jar.sha1/md5). So when I run publish the [jar name]-sources.jar has to be geratend too! I already tried adding the line makeObfSourceJar = true but then
  7. Just to make sure we stay on topic, here is my main question
  8. Why do I not need the sources jar? Every other mod and forge use a sources.jar
  9. This has nothing to do with the sources.jar (I am already using a flatDir repo)!
  10. Yes, but actually now it's all about finding the sources.jar
  11. I think, now I have finally got the solution! After I saw the topic "[1.14.4] How add JEI to own mod?", I focused on trying to find out how other mods do this. The problem is clear: eclipse has found no source code. And I think this is not a bug, there is just no source code. As far as I know, the faltDir behaves like a regular maven repository. At any mod I have looked (forge too), there is either a [jar name]-sources.jar (it is like the regular jar, but every .class file is the .java file) or the jar not only contains the .class file, but also the .java files. For examp
  12. Maybe a multi build project will be easier and work?
  13. When you install forge, there is also an installation path. The default is %appdata%\.minecraft (on Windows). Make sure this folder (or the one you set) contains your versions folder which should contain 1.15.2 with 1.15.2.jar in it. Maybe this will work... And also, please post your installer log
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