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  1. Looks like the error came from forgelin, might want to check that mods comments/issue tracker to see if there is a known issue with that version. Also pretty sure 1.12 mc/forge is not supported on here anymore. Read EAQ
  2. The only real benefits are non-local/consistent access, and being able to separate/allocate memory to the server.
  3. I know we used to use splash.properties to change the colours of the loading text, bg, etc. As I'm making a pack in 1.16.1 I want to get rid of the eyesore colors currently being used but have yet to find a way how. Is it just not in yet?
  4. I'm trying to determine the uses/purpose of the defaultconfigs folder as I run a server and have been unable to find anything on this. I realize it may be to terminology or just no one asking before.
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