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  1. By the way how about a player tick event and check the conditions and if the player is near the block
  2. Yes by what i wrote than now i realised that this Guy wants something else xd
  3. Why don't you make a boolean property which if is true you can walk through the block and setting the boolean property to true for the blocks the player is looking at and if the entity (in this case the player) matches the condition i would do it like this it's not even hard to code
  4. I don't know if anything change or not most likely it changes but you still won't get any help and the topic will be closed
  5. You won't get any support since 1.12.x is not supported any more on this forum you need to use a higher version of minecraft 1.14.x - 1.16.1 Note: If anyone would help you they would need your debug.log log and not this one
  6. Actually i told night config is a mod turns out it's not 😅
  7. The developer of the mod will probably update the mod for this version later.
  8. It's probably because this mod called Night Config is not compatible with this forge version most likely something changed in the forge code and that mod is use some stuff which changed so don't use that mod and it should run if this is the only error you got.
  9. Sorry i didn't see your pic i only read the first and last comment to see if you was able to solve this issue. I usually setup a new directory rather than using the Example one that's why i said to just delete it.
  10. Just simply delete the whole example directory in your main directory it should fix it, you won't need that directory anyway
  11. You are running the wrong jar file! Also use a higher version like 1.14.4!
  12. It's me sorry i misunderstood what you said also i told you posted this in the modder support section sorry (i was also confused because i didn't understand why anyone would make a nether portal if it's already exists xd)
  13. Your code would be more helpful than just a picture of the problem we can't even see your code how we are supposed to help you this way?!
  14. XD why?! Why do you even care about an ask like this make the mod for a higher version everyone benefit more from that
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