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  1. Does Blitz 3D support animation time stamps and triangle meshes? If so where can I find tutorials using this model file?
  2. AH okay so that makes much more sense. For the FissionProvider#instance can I use the Fission class instead of the IFission interface class? That would make the serialization and deserialization easier by just calling those methods directly and returning them and would allow me to set the variables. Also for the FissionProvider.FISSION variable what is the second arguement in the new ResourceLocation(EventHorizon.MOD_ID, "fission"); referencing?
  3. Ah okay so here's what I have on a custom class implementing ICapabilityProvider. The serializers confuse me and I'm not sure what they are for. Is it this when the capability is used in other mods, between server/client, or save/load? public class FissionProvider implements ICapabilitySerializable<CompoundNBT> { private LazyOptional<IFission> instance = LazyOptional.of(CapabilityRegister.FISSION::getDefaultInstance); @Override public <T> LazyOptional<T> getCapability(Capability<T> cap, Direction side) { return CapabilityRegister.FISSION.orEmpty(cap, i
  4. Oh okay. I was unaware I could override a function like that in a Item class. Also would this work if I changed the public class Fission implements IFission, INBTSerializable<CompoundNBT> to public class Fission implements IFission, ICapabilitySerializable<CompoundNBT> ?
  5. I'm having a hard time understanding capabilities as there seems to be a few ways of adding them making it really confusing to me. I also seem to be missing something when adding a capability to an ItemStack. Could someone nudge me in the right direction? I've tried looking at the Forge Docs and Github code and nothing seems to help. package com.event_horizon.capabilities; public interface IFission { public float getDuration(); public float getTemperature(); public void addNeutrons(final long neutrons); public long getNeutrons(); } package com.event_horizon.capabilities
  6. If you haven't already I would recommend giving these a read. They're just Forge Docs. but they explain most of it pretty well. Blender Addon: https://github.com/phonon/blender-minecraft-json Docs: https://mcforge.readthedocs.io/en/latest/models/files/#model-files https://mcforge.readthedocs.io/en/latest/animation/intro/
  7. This was a problem for me as well in Minecraft 1.16.1, and Forge 32.0.98. The func_235861_h_() solved the issue.
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