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    😋 Languages: Java, JavaScript and TypeScript | Learns C# and C++

    ⚡ Fun facts:

    - I started coding because my Minecraft Server needed developers and I haven't found any.

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  1. What needs to be changed in the terms for forge to use the mappings?
  2. Blockbench looks really amazing! I will look into it ^^
  3. What is the best way to properly learn Moddeling for Minecraft? I am talking about everything: Cosmetics (or something like Armor), Blocks, Entitys...
  4. It seams like a really big mod. I sadly don't have the time to do that for you/the Community of the mod. Many things have changed from 1.12 -> 1.15
  5. Im running Linux on my Servers too. But currently Linux is nothing more than a Server Operating System for me(ok also the base for my Android Phone but yk haha)
  6. I considered switching to Linux a while ago but I currently don't see a reason to. Windows is working fine. The last Bluescreen I had was when my Power Supply was faulty and updates take seconds thanks to my SSD. I have all my Programs here and I like it
  7. I recently purchased a Lenovo L340 15 inch for 640 Euros. It has a GTX 1660 and an i5 9.th gen. I hasn't arrived yet. But if you want something new look at at a Laptop like this. There is also a 17-Inch Version for a bit more. But I liked the 15 inch more ^^
  8. I think it would work if you don't use the Minecraft Logo, Images of the Game or the Minecraft Name. But I'm not a Lawyer sooooo. Idk. 👍
  9. It could boost your Performance. Especially on a weak Laptop. This could always help. Not only in Minecraft! Yeah. I think this is a problem because Minecraft tries really hard to keep Memory usage clean. So more Memory space means more Garbage Collection performance is taken?? It would make sense to me. I really need to read a bit about Memory in Java ^^
  10. I think you shouldn't ask this question in "Off-Topic". There is a Modding Help Category on this Forum. And if every Mod needs to create a new nether we would have a huge problem.
  11. Why is that so important for you? It doesn't look like that your English is bad so you could participate in many other/and or Russian mods.
  12. Why should they? You have everything you need here, on Github and in the Docs. What do you need?
  13. This would be a really unfair advantage over other players. Just learn it the hard way like every other player.
  14. Everything should be fine if you download your mods from: https://files.minecraftforge.net/ Just make sure you trust your installed mods.
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